The Sweet Sixties: You pick the greatest TV show of the 1960s- Final Round Voting Open

Let's settle this once and for all.


Over the last decade, we have continually celebrated the 50th anniversary of landmark television, movies and music of the 1960s. As we turn the page to 2020, we again say goodbye to the '60s. 

That's why we had you, the MeTV Fans, who know the 1960s better than anyone, to pick your favorite TV show, song and movie of the 1960s. 

Hundreds of your nominations poured in. Thank you! We tallied the 16 biggest vote-getters to get to… The Sweet Sixties!

Previously, you voted "California Dreamin'" the Best Song of the 1960s and It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World the Best Movie of the 1960s.

Let's pick the greatest TV show of the 1960s! Below, you will find your most popular titles. Pick one. Each day, the top half will make it to the next round. Vote as much as you'd like. Come back at 7AM Eastern every morning through Saturday, December 21, to see what makes the cut — and play the next round!

  1. Pick one: Which is your favorite TV show from the 1960s?
    • Receiving fewer votes:

The Sweet Sixties: You pick the greatest TV show of the 1960s

Your Result...

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Jack 50 months ago
Out of all the shows listed Green Acres is easily my favorite show from the 60s
teire 52 months ago
What happened MeTV? It’s as tho you never wound up this polling — as of Jan. 3 the percentages still appear to be changing (altho they might not still be recorded). And As far as I can tell there were no follow up stories or quizzes stating which show was the winner. Yet the intro still implies the voting was running only through Dec. 21. Happy New Year.
ElijahSteinbrecher 52 months ago
The Andy Griffith Show deserves to win; it is the best written show on television
EvaMarieAdameRomero 52 months ago
Why wasn't Perry Mason on list? I love that tv show.
Deepizzaguy 52 months ago
I liked the Star Trek theme song.
Khan505 52 months ago
I wish Combat! with Vic Morrow was on there.
texasluva 52 months ago
For those of you still around and wish to enjoy your favorite 60's characters. This dance-a-roma has many stars from these TV series that were selected by us. It's kind of funny and enjoyable to watch them kick their heels on the dance floor. Let's see how many you can pick out.
johnyks 52 months ago
Neither one. I chose Gomer Pyle and Green Acres and still do.
ErinWard 52 months ago
Well, I can't stand either show. But, seeing as I had to pick one I chose Andy Griffith. That show seemed the lesser of two evils. Like I said, I can't stand either show. But I had to pick one. Wish there was another program listed.
texasluva ErinWard 52 months ago
Sorry Erin. We have been voting for days. First was the Best Music then followed by Movies and finally TV Shows. If you read above you will see the 16 finalists. Each day the most votes moved on until the final two. I am afraid that the voting booth and time has expired
Art1957 52 months ago
Anyone else remember the MeTV vote about three years ago when Star Trek won for favorite show the first time? About a month later Star Trek disappeared from the weekday time slot of 6pm eastern time and didn't return at all for quite a while. What a reward!!
Pacificsun Art1957 52 months ago
It "disappeared" only very briefly, as MeTV thought H&I could carry it alone. Except that ST and Svengoolie are the cornerstones of MeTV's SciFi Saturday night!! Along with the Irwin Allen shows. It's about as retro a Saturday night as you can get. Too bad they lost Batman.

But a few years before the survey you remember, they had an even bigger turn-out, and The Andy Griffith Show won by a landslide. (I think they're just checking the current and comparable popularity (once again).
QazWiz 52 months ago
Hell, i wanted all sixteen of them to win :(
Kimo 52 months ago
So it's Sunday morning 7AM Eastern. Is that it? Is it over? Star Trek 56% and Andy 44%.
texasluva Kimo 52 months ago
Yep. The F Lady has sung her final tune. Andy has thrown in the towel. Aunt Bee dismayed again cause her kerosene pickles failed to win that blue ribbon, drats! Barney has again locked himself in the jail cell, go figure. Star Trek crew rejoicing doing the Andromeda Watusi. Spock looking at Captain Kirk, really Jim, must we?
And off they go...with Andy in the sidecar! 🏍
Just what one needs. To ride in a sidecar with Barney. He doesn't exactly look like the Marlon Brando in The Wild one. Never the less it was hilarious. Better not J-Walk either
Marlon Brando look-a-like 😂😂😂 you are cracking me up! Now I have a visual of that episode 🤣
Mirramanee Kimo 52 months ago
And a well-deserved win, IMHO! Star Trek is, and always shall be, the best! Those of us who are life-long Trekkers will recognize my paraphrasing of a line from ST: The Wrath of Khan, no doubt).

Moverfan 52 months ago
Bewitched is on Antenna TV--on Saturday nights, it follows The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (I think). Don't know if F-Troop is running anywhere, but I always loved that show. And as far as what should have been on the list (or on MeTV), do I hear any votes for American Bandstand?
QazWiz Kelle 52 months ago
last i heard F-Troop was bought by a cable channel (forgot which but was quite a few years ago)
i vaguely remember a "end of year" marathon just before so i suspect MeTV use to have F-Troop
since i only remember MeTV doing end of run marathons (like Mister Ed)
MikefromJersey 52 months ago
The mere fact that Naked City, Route 66 and The Prisoner were not even on the list suggests
that many people here haven't a clue about great television.
Go back and twitter 100 times a day, God forbid any of you pick up a book and learn the history
of television. Gilligan's Island even being in the first round is a travesty, only a moron
or a 13 year old panting over Ginger would vote for it.
Kimo MikefromJersey 52 months ago
That's not fair...some of us were panting over Mary
harlow1313 Kimo 52 months ago
Heck at this stage of my life, I pant over Lovey Howell. Soon it will be Daisy Moses...
QazWiz MikefromJersey 52 months ago
since The Prisoner only has 17 episodes, and was only supposed to have 8 episodes, it isn't too hard to understand why it was ignored. but if you want recognition then i suggest it be listed as the seventeenth (to match it's episode count) - - - Be Seeing You!
Pacificsun MikefromJersey 52 months ago
It's not so much about having "good taste" in television, as it is MeTV wants to know who's watching what. Clearly the original fans of 60's television are simply dying off. So MeTV adjusts their (future) scheduling appropriately. As in the mix of programs chosen. MeTV was being fair, and asked every__one to make nominations!! Coulda' come back daily and listed as many fav 60's shows as possible. But of course if they are not currently running on a convenient network, then even the 2nd & 3rd generation of viewers won't be familiar with them anyway.

In selecting nominations, they also asked which of the shows do you remember most fondly! The MeTV audience is mixed. And not everyone remembers those show not currently running, first hand, and what a great experience it was for the times they represented!! I think the people commenting here are a good group, and less contencious than they used to be on Disqus. Not sure if Twitter or reading has much to do with the subject here at hand. The only thing is, maybe MeTV should've made the survey last longer, giving more people to drop in, and catch up!! 😉😉 Maybe next time!
It's a matter of taste. I prefer Comedy over Drama. That's why I like "Bonanza" over "Gunsmoke". Gunsmoke is mostly drama, where as, Bonanza includes comedy just as much as drama.
Jeremy QazWiz 52 months ago
No, it was supposed to have seven. Patrick McGoohan, the star and the creator of the show, said so himself in an interview many years ago.
texasluva 52 months ago
Well Andy it's well past High Noon. You had a awesome run. Just couldn't knock off the whole Enterprise crew. Your quick draw and determination couldn't beat the AI mechanics of the 23rd century. They done beamed outta the way before you could hit the mark. If deputy Fife wouldn't been a shaking so much maybe y'all could have mowed them down. It was a good fight though and stood your ground. Hates off to Star Trek!!
Well, You getta line and I getta pole, we'll all go down to the crawdad hole...sweet honey baby mine!! 🎣😉
Good one, very nice he he. “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine .

Wow! Can you believe Mr. Jersey. I thought The Grinch only stole Christmas? Comes in at the dead of night and steals all our such horrible selections, go figure
texasluva texasluva 52 months ago
When one needs to drop an e to get hats instead of hates. No wonder the turnip truck left me behind. Wake up Alan
retrodon 52 months ago
Star Trek will was a good show, but I think there were other better shows in the 60s.
MrsP58 retrodon 52 months ago
Perhaps so, but it is, after all, a viewers' vote. I voted for Star Trek.
pumkinheadfan 52 months ago
What no That Girl! or My Favorite Martian...I demand a recount!
pel5087 52 months ago
Actually a lot of shows missed. One that never seems to get mentioned is Combat!. Also for comedy I always thought Mchale's Navy and F-Troop were 2 of the funniest.
Pacificsun pel5087 52 months ago
Antenna TV has McHale's Navy. Does anybody know who has F-Troop?
MrsP58 pel5087 52 months ago
I gotta admit, I always enjoyed McHales' Navy.
cowgirl20 52 months ago
I love the Donna Reed show, too bad it wasn't on the list. Lets bring it back on the programming. Leave it to Beaver and My Three Sons are also on my list of favorites. I record them daily and watch them at night when I'm relaxing. I wish Bonanza would have done better, also on my fav list. Between Andy and Star trek, I hope Andy wins. I have never like Star trek.
Westminster28 52 months ago
This is Rigged. My favorite show was The Real McCoys with Walter Brennon and Richard Crennna. Finished high in neilson ratings in its day. A great but forgotten show. Never got a chance to vote exception the finals.
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Yep! 80 years and still going strong! 😁
There be no referring nor mind popping. Them's the rules
Yup. There's rules.>>>>>.
LOL. I could just not pass this up.
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