The Sweet Sixties: You pick the greatest song of the 1960s- Final Round Voting Open

Help us determine the greatest song of the Sixties!


Over the last decade, we have continually celebrated the 50th anniversary of landmark television, movies and music of the 1960s. As we turn the page to 2020, we again say goodbye to the '60s. 

That's why we had you, the MeTV Fans, who know the 1960s better than anyone, to pick your favorite TV show, song and movie of the 1960s. 

Hundreds of your nominations poured in. Thank you! We tallied the 16 biggest vote-getters to get to… The Sweet Sixties!

Let's pick the greatest song of the 1960s! Below, you will find your most popular titles. Pick one. Each day, the top half will make it to the next round. Vote as much as you'd like. Come back at 7AM Eastern every morning through Saturday, December 14, to see what makes the cut — and play the next round!

  1. Pick one: Which is your favorite song from the 1960s?
    • Receiving fewer votes:

The Sweet Sixties: You pick the greatest song of the 1960s

Your Result...

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LindaWilliams 52 months ago
"Unchained Melody" - The Righteous Brothers- Competed through Round 2
STTOS 53 months ago
What a sad list of songs. I like the Monkees more than The Mamas and the Papas but voted for California Dreamin because it's a better song. Daydream Believer? Seriously? How about Last Train to Clarksville or I'm a Believer or even Pleasant Valley Sunday. All superior songs to Daydream. At least in my opinion. :)
harlow1313 53 months ago
The sixties were a time of social upheaval and change.

I hereby reject the two remaining songs, “Daydream Believer" and “California Dreaming,” as appropriate artistic representatives.

Henceforth, I no longer identify as a “boomer.” I now identify as a “millennial.”

I was born a Boomer, still a Boomer! California Dreamin all the way!! 😉
Pacificsun 53 months ago
I'm sure there's an easier way, but just bookmark the link, so you don't forget to vote. You get to vote every day! Do the same thing for nominating as many great 70's songs as you want to be in the running.
kenroar 53 months ago
I'm not voting this round because I am shocked that all the best songs were eliminated! I can't vote for these two.
LindaSmith kenroar 53 months ago
I agree kenroar. Those 2 songs need to be on the less voted list.
Janet 53 months ago
If we are starting to talk about best songs from the '70s then I vote for "Imagine"
AllisonWunderland 53 months ago
Hey people! Ya know what? Whenever we get to the 70's, there is no way possible to pick ONE favorite. METV needs to have at LEAST 50 to choose from!! (If not more). 😂😎😉
You are so right. So many I can't even list here except alphabetical list site. More then 100 groups. Now you have to pick their best work. Holy Cow Batman! Yes Robin them 70's sure got the beat. Well which one should I pick ? I dunno Robin but should be one hell of a fight. POW! BAM! BOOM! .
😂😂 You got that right!
Ya gotta remember that MeTV asked for nominations! So it's strictly about familiarity and popularly, as far as the MeTV Followers are concerned.
MeTV is asking for "one" favorite among the nominations made by the participating MeTV Followers. There may be over 50+ fantastic songs (I agree). But they've got to get into the running!! 😉
You've got a good point there. But when my mind gets's tough to slow it down sometimes 🤷‍♀️😂
Deleted 53 months ago
This comment has been removed.
texasluva 53 months ago
There are tons to choose from. Hotel California being one. I like Long Cool Woman With A Black Dress. Not only do the Hollies rock but this song played to perfection. It is not my final pick but just one of them. Listen yourself. Start of discussion .
Kimo 53 months ago
Yes, that is a great song. One of the greatest. Seen the Eagles perform it, quite special. It would definitely be my Favorite Song of All Time if the Universe hadn't bestowed upon us mortals the TRUE Greatest Song of All time, "Stairway to Heaven". End of discussion.

(Voting starts in about ten years; see you there. Aloha.)
Deb52carter 53 months ago
I loved "She loves you" (Beatles),but it didn't make it,,,sad.
JeanInTN 53 months ago
Wish I had received an email about voting in rounds 2 and 3...wonder how many other people didn't get to vote, either... Not too happy with these choices; they are ok songs but there are others which are much better. I can't believe Can't Help Falling in Love didn't even make it to round 2.
teire JeanInTN 53 months ago
Well, the story does say to check back every day and gives a time frame/ time limit for voting as well. Not that I noticed until now. We must learn to read all the instructions before starting the test!
Pacificsun teire 53 months ago
I keep it as an easy link at the top of my daily new email so as not to forget!
teire Pacificsun 53 months ago
I’m not that organized ( although I have my routines). I already missed the movie voting, will try to remember the best TV show rounds — that’s the big one in the MeTV universe.
Pacificsun teire 53 months ago
Me too!
Because (Spoiler Alert) they did a contest on favorite TV show Andy Griffith won. I like it fine. But time for another winner ya' know!

So am just trying to get in the habit of checking each day 😉
Amalthea 53 months ago
My favorite song of all time is Lulu's "To Sir, With Love"...but I'm going with the Monkees.
sandycisco 53 months ago
You didn't have Louie Louie by the Kingsmen!!!That's my favorite.
Bob 53 months ago
As a Red Sox fan, I will never vote for Sweet Caroline.
UnicornPrincess 53 months ago
Can't believe Sound of Silence didn't make it!
Kimo 53 months ago
Ok, for those of us who were actually there, only two of these songs AT THE TIME would have been seen as appropriate representations of the 60s, California Dreamin' and Hey Jude. Daydream Believer and Sweet Caroline were very nice pop songs (and don't get me wrong I love them both) but neither captures the drama and depth of that tumultuous period. Dreamin' and Jude do. However, since it seems obvious that Jude isn't going to win we need to be voting for California Dreaming'. C'mon, Boomers, do the right thing.

(I suspect Caroline's popularity has more to do with its incessant repetition in karaoke bars across the world than with its inherent qualities; the public's just more familiar with it.)
texasluva Kimo 53 months ago
I went there just the other day using The Time Tunnel. I suspect that Sweet Caroline is anything but incessant. Yet it was hard to choose one outta such great music achievements. Will it be The British Invasion, Ole Jed heading out to California Dreaming, Monkey's putting on a show or Icon Neil Diamond laying it on? Today is Neil for me. May not win but not for lack of trying .
Pacificsun Kimo 53 months ago
In typical MeTV fashion this survey has 2 different things going on. Making it helpful to read between the lines. LOL! In fact they've offered (Baby Boomers) a cross-challenge (as if we wouldn't notice)! (1) "Let's pick the greatest song of the 1960s!" And (2) "Pick one: Which is your favorite song from the 1960s?"

They do this intentionally to create conversation! As in, "hey dude there's no right answer, we just want to know what you're thinking!!" So if there's any artist (creator/performer) eligible for Planet Earth's ultimate "Time Capsule" in recognition of the 60's, it would have to be the Beatles! HJ just happens to be one sample song among an entire catalog. Love 'em or not, everyone on the planet (with electricity) knew the Beatles. However, in terms of speaking to peoples' individual taste, is a matter of music being associated with certain memories and emotions! No doubt California Dreamin' IS a California experience! Not just that, but for anyone who migrated West (as part of the hippie generation) and general philosophy of self-discovery! Those who found atmosphere and bliss in the "Sunshine State."

Curiously Sweet Caroline was released in June 1969 (on the cusp of the 70's, and musical evolution) but also at the tail end of the "heart" of the 60's! Famous for distinctive vocal quality and a memorable refrain, a perennial pop culture favorite! The MeTV Staff Writers obviously didn't experience the generation first-hand, but are sampling Baby Boomer feelings and reactions!

I will have to change my vote from SC to CD!
texasluva Pacificsun 53 months ago
Yikes a slap in the face and so much for SC using Time Tunnel. Warmcalsun put the brakes on my hope. Yet I use to live in SoCal and probably would have picked California Dreaming if still having that dream. Magnificent posting I must admit. With fun fun fun people on here giving their take. Losing this gargantuan battle of 1960's music but aim to come back and win TV Series and Movie. Well maybe
SaraHoilman Kimo 53 months ago
sorry must disagree...Maybe I was not alive yet, but as my profile picture shows After almost 60 years the Monkees are still my #1...Love Diamond a monkees writer..then my mamas and papas...then last would be those others....Just because you were alive does not change people's opinions....:) But respect yours... :) Rock on to all
AllisonWunderland Kimo 53 months ago
I'm California Dreamin' all the way!! 😎👍
Runeshaper 53 months ago
Daydream Believer!!!! LOL
harlow1313 Runeshaper 53 months ago
Sadly, and with four songs remaining, it appears to be between that and "Sweet Caroline." It's a real head shaker.
Runeshaper harlow1313 53 months ago
hahahaha indeed!
texasluva 53 months ago
Decisions, decisions. Only one of my picks made yesterday list. It did not make yesterdays cut. All these left are awesome. I am about ready to flip a coin. Unless someone can help me decide which blockbuster song to pick. You have 4 hours to persuade me (sets timer on watch).
California Dreamin!! 👍👌😎
He he. Thank you but I put my vote in yesterday for Sweet Caroline. Though I used to live in California most of my life. Today is another day and I am going to put more thought into it. A long drum-roll but I'll Be Back
We have something in common...I was born there in early 60's and lived my childhood in California up until my early teens when my parents relocated. 😁
RobertLata 53 months ago
How is Neil Diamond beating out the BEATLES!? What B.S. is this?!
texasluva RobertLata 53 months ago
It's a Conspiracy. Neil paid us
idkwut2use 53 months ago
I LOVE almost every single one of those and have all but like, 2 in my Spotify could I possibly choose?! O_x
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