The most difficult 'would you rather' quiz about classic snacks you'll ever take

Banana Flips or Twinkies? Pizza Spins or Tid-Bits?

There's no debate here: Snacks were better when we were growing up. We had sugary cereals, salty snacks and tons of different choices for chocolate milk. Heck, even the same snacks of today taste different than they did back in the day!

While there's no question we long for the snacks of yesteryear, the real question is which ones we preferred. Did you like Banana Flips or were you more of a Twinkie fan?

We're asking you to choose your favorites. Clear your schedule — these choices could take a long time to make. 
  1. Banana Flips or Twinkies?
    Image: (left) Pinterest, (right) Pinterest
  2. Doritos or Fritos?
    Image: (left) Thinkstock, (right) Glane23
  3. Tib-Bits or Pizza Spins?
    Image: (left) Flickr, (right) flickriver
  4. Whistles or Daisy's?
    Image: (right) Etsy, (left) Clickamericana
  5. Quisp or Quake?
    Image: (left) Quaker Oats, (right) Quaker Oats
  6. Snack Packs or Koogle?
    Image: (left) Pinterest, (right) The Land of Cerpts and Honey
  7. Flings or Shapies?
    Image: (left), (right) Flickr
  8. Yoo-Hoo or PDQ?
    Image: (left) Tumblr, (right) PDQ
  9. Sir Grapefellow or Baron von Redberry?
    Image: (left) Slapped Ham, (right) Waffle Whiffer Zone
  10. Ecto Cooler or Crystal Pepsi?
    Image: (left) UPROXX, (right) Geek Dad
The most difficult 'would you rather' quiz about classic snacks you'll ever take

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