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Here's a quiz to see how well you know the one-time bully and eventual ally of the Cleaver brothers. Because, really, how well do you know the man known as Lumpy? Find out with this quiz, and make sure to leave your thoughts and your score in the comments section below! 

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  1. What is Lumpy's actual first name?
  2. Despite being in the same class, Lumpy is ____ years older than Wally Cleaver.
  3. Tell us Lumpy's sister's name.
  4. Lumpy wins a scholarship. For what?
  5. What part of Lumpy's car do Eddie and Wally remove in a prank?
  6. Do you remember who played Lumpy Rutherford?
  7. How many siblings does Lumpy have?
  8. Which of these instruments does Lumpy play?

The Lumpy Rutherford Quiz

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MikefromJersey 1 month ago
"You got 6 out of 8. Way to go! You made Daddy proud"

I am 99% sure Violet Rutherford is the only sibling Lumpy had. I think MeTV guys
might have erred on this one, I have no memory of another Rutherford kid on screen.
graceful1970 1 month ago
You got 7 out of 8
Way to go! You made Daddy proud!
Wendy57 1 month ago
Pretty crummy.
I remember Lumpy’s father but not his mother. We must’ve seen her, but when ?
JayBurd Wendy57 1 month ago
You can see his mom when they go on a picnic with the Cleavers...Fred takes a pic of Violet & Beaver......can't remember if Violet kisses him or not....poor Beaver.
Wendy57 JayBurd 1 month ago
Oh yes, I remember that now but not her face.
MikefromJersey JayBurd 1 month ago
Wasn't Violet the youngest daughter on Lost in Space and Make Room For Daddy?
Wendy57 29 days ago
This comment has been removed.
JayBurd Wendy57 29 days ago
You can see her here.....watching this episode right now.
oldbroad52 1 month ago
Of course, ALMOST ace the quiz about the kid who just can’t seem to win. Although with Fred, as a father, what else could you expect? But his mother Gwen, seems actually nice.
JERRY6 1 month ago
6 of 8 that makes me a lumpy dumpy
Wenatchee7 1 month ago
7/8 I thought I knew LITB but I don't remember a 3rd Rutherford kid. Violet was played by two different
actresses but oh well.
oldbroad52 Wenatchee7 1 month ago
He had a sister that at first, could never seem to get a date. And then they say she finally got married. In lobby, and violet, who was Beaver’s age.
wb62706 1 month ago
I just knew lumpy had a sister, that was it.
Bapa1 1 month ago
6/8, Lumpy had two siblings? Who was the other? And he was 21 when he graduated High School? I'm throwing my red challenge flag on those two. If he was three years older than Wally, he would have been ineligible to play HS football. He probably would have not even been allowed to be in High School.
retro6 Bapa1 1 month ago
Same two I got wrong. Didn’t know about the second sibling.
MikefromJersey retro6 1 month ago
They mentioned in a early episode he was 3 years older, I think the one where he makes
Beaver and Wally take a different route home from school. Lumpy was not portrayed
as Wally's pal then but as a nasty bully.
A year or so later, you can see a thick mat of chest hair sticking out the top of Frank
Bank's shirt, maybe in real life he was much older than the others.
Lillyrose 1 month ago
6 out of 8. I thought that Lumpy only had a sister. Who is his other sibling?
tootsieg 1 month ago
6/8. I did not know or forgot about the 3rd sibling.
frenchman71 1 month ago
6/8. I forgot Lumpy had an older brother that they mentioned once or twice. And I got the age difference wrong, but I think the producers didn't follow continuity there.
BobbyGlasspie 1 month ago
I love The Beaver my third favorite old show after Andy Griffith and Green Acres. I only missed one and that was number 6.
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