M*A*S*H or Van Halen?

David Lee Roth or David Ogden Stiers?

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Usually, when there's a question surrounding Van Halen, it's about the lead singer. Because there's Van Halen with David Lee Roth until about 1985, and then there's Van Hagar, the unofficial nickname given to the band when Sammy Hagar took over yelping duties. 

But here's another question, and it's just as hard to decide: Are these choices Van Halen songs or M*A*S*H episodes? Because if there's one person in the world who could give Diamond Dave a run for his money in the charisma department, it's Hawkeye Pierce.

So, that's your task... Choose whether each option is a M*A*S*H episode or a Van Halen song. Let us know your thoughts and your score in the comments section below! Oh, and let us know who you prefer as the lead singer. Are you the rare Gary Cherone megafan? We want to hear from you!

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  1. "Runnin' With the Devil"
  2. "Deal Me Out"
  3. "Somebody Get Me A Doctor"
  4. "I'm The One"
  5. "Hanky Panky"
  6. "Oh, How We Danced"
  7. "Dance the Night Away"
  8. "Bottoms Up"
  9. "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"
  10. "Outta Love Again"
  11. "Dirty Movies"
  12. "Bombed"
  13. "There Is Nothing Like a Nurse"
  14. "Hot for Teacher"
  15. "Tora! Tora!"

M*A*S*H or Van Halen?

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Coldnorth 20 days ago
Too embarrassing to admit score
SvennyandtheJets 25 days ago
I watched a lot of MASH growing up, bought Van Halen's 1984 on cassette in 1984 (still have it) but didn't discover their older releases until college. 15/15 and like their music with Dave better, but plenty of really good songs with Sammy. Rock on!
BuckeyeBeth 26 days ago
11/15 Aw yeah! You got 11 out of 15! Way to go, Hot Lips!

Diamond Dave is my favorite Van Halen singer.
TheFanFromUNCLE 1 month ago
There was a Bottoms Up episode of MASH. 15/15.
AllisonWunderland 1 month ago
14/15…Way to go, Van Halen! 👏 😉🥰
JeffPaul76 1 month ago
"Aw yeah! ---You got 10 out of 15." "Way to go, Hot Lips!" I got 3, 4, 8, 11, and 15 wrong.
nerakr 1 month ago
14/15. Knowledge of MASH, not Van Halen.
Rob 1 month ago
I got 15/15. I always wanted to dance the night away with Maj. Houlihan!
graceful1970 1 month ago
Aw yeah! You got 12 out of 15
Way to go, Hot Lips!
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