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How well do you remember this classic sitcom? Did you grow up alongside Wally and The Beav? Or maybe you caught up with the Cleavers in re-runs.

This quiz aims to test your fandom. Maybe you'll ace it, maybe you'll flop. Either way, it'll be a chance to learn something new and flex your muscle as the ultimate fan of Leave It to Beaver

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  1. Which of the following is the correct order in which the cast's names are displayed in the opening credits?
  2. When Jerry Mathers was in high school, what was the name of his band?
  3. Who played Lumpy?
  4. Which teacher did Beaver declare he had a crush on?
  5. According to a (false) urban legend, who did Ken Osmond grow up to be?
  6. In which unit did Jerry Mathers serve?
  7. How many years are there between Beaver and older brother Wally
  8. How many years are there between Jerry Mathers and onscreen brother Tony Dow?
  9. On which soap opera did Tony Dow appear for one season?
  10. What was Hugh Beaumont's final film appearance?

The experts-only Leave It to Beaver quiz

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KristiC23 3 months ago
#4 - Yes, Beaver had a crush on Miss Canfield in the first season, but the next few seasons, he had a major crush on Miss Landers. Remember when she got engaged and Beaver was heartsick and stayed home from school. He felt totally betrayed by her.
mimi2 4 months ago
#8 is wrong. There are 4 yrs. between them. Beaver was in 8th grade while Wally was a Senior.
graceful1970 5 months ago
Gee, Wally, you got: 5 out of 10
JayFlo 6 months ago
Happy 75th birthday to Gerald Patrick Mathers, forever THE BEAVER.
garyhallman 6 months ago
aced it , the show got bad as they got older! the beaver nodded everytime he talked! drove me crazy
KristiC23 garyhallman 3 months ago
When I watch the reruns, I only watch through season 4. Beaver was just to big to act like a 6 year old after that. It wasn't cute anymore.
MikefromJersey 6 months ago
"Gee, Wally, you got: 5 out of 10 Uh oh! Dad's home, and he's not going to like your score!"

They're making me repeat the year with Miss Landers. Hot dog! Hubba hubba.
ainsua13 6 months ago
Wally and Beaver were 6 years apart?? Hmm...that seems a bit too much.
PierreKhoury 6 months ago
I always thought it was Tony Dow that everyone thought was Alice Cooper
dodgebob 6 months ago
2/10, I went to Harvard, just passing through.
Moverfan 6 months ago
4/1o..."Dad's home and he's not going to like your score!"

I don't remember my dad ever watching Leave It To Beaver or mentioning it. But I do remember sitting in the living room with him and watching Hogan's Heroes and Combat (yes, I agree, Combat was an interesting choice for a four-year-old/five-year-old child...).
SteveMcnary 6 months ago
A few of these questions have incorrect answers or have more than one correct answer. It was Alice Cooper who said he was Eddie Haskell in an interview but, what he meant was that he was the bad boy type Eddie Haskell was & not the nice guy type that Wally & Beaver were.
Pacificsun SteveMcnary 6 months ago
Thank you for clearing up that Urban Legend from the ages!!
tootsieg 6 months ago
6/10. Even with a poor score it was a fun quiz.
Eman1 6 months ago
I never heard the rumor about Ken Osmond being Alice Cooper, I always heard it was John Holmes the X rated star. Knew it wasn't true but that's the one I always heard. Hands down Eddie Haskell was my favorite character on the show.
BorisK Eman1 6 months ago
That rumor was around so long that I think John Holmes started to believe it.
teethclenched Eman1 6 months ago
This is the first rumor about Osmond I read about, too.
MadMadMadWorld 6 months ago
7/10. I got the important ones: 1-6, and 8. Missed #7 on the tv years between them, but knew in real life only 3 years difference: Tony born in Apr. 1945, Jerry in June 1948. A sad day last July when Tony died at 77. Jerry will be 75 on June 2, born in Sioux City, Iowa. Started his career at age 2, as a model for a department store ad. His real birth name is Gerald. Jerry is a better name to go by than the more formal Gerald he needs to use, unless he legally changed it to Jerry.
ironman2000 6 months ago
Gee, sorry guys I got 4 of 10
Better luck next time! Watch the Beav on MEtv, and also on Family Entertainment (FeTV) if you get that network! Their episodes are still so much fun to watch and relate to, when older guys almost Jerry's age, grew up in those best years America enjoyed, 1957-63. M-F 10a-11a CT (11a-12noon ET), 2a-3a CT (3a-4a ET).
braycy 6 months ago
'Ward don't you think you're too hard on the Beaver?' hahaha
raddad braycy 2 months ago
Not now Ward, I’m ironing the drapes
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