Test your knowledge about The Exorcist and we'll tell you if you'd survive the film

Do me a favor and take this quiz then do a little spider walk down the stairs.

Look, sometimes twelve-year-old girls get possessed by demons, and you've got to call up your fellow priest and get that demon out of said twelve-year-old girl before jumping out of a window. But be honest, do you think you could fare any better? Find out in this quiz to see if you'd make it through the film!

  1. The film is based on the best-selling novel. Who was the book written by?
  2. In the film, Regan has an imaginary friend. What is their name?
  3. In order to torment Father Karras, the demon possessing Reagan takes on whose voice?
  4. Where is the film set?
  5. How old is Regan?
  6. After Dennings is killed, what horrifying detail is Father Karras told about how the body was found?
  7. What does Regan's mother, Chris McNeil, do for a living?
  8. Where is Regan's father while his daughter is getting possessed by a demon?
  9. At Chris's party, Regan tells a man "You're going to die up there." What is that man's occupation?
  10. How does Father Karras defeat the demon?

Test your knowledge about The Exorcist and we'll tell you if you'd survive the film

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Deleted 4 days ago
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texasluva 1 day ago
On my post about Haystack Calhoun. I saw him on TV a few times and only a couple times I looked him up just to see a quick pic of him. Never read his bio until last night. I was quite taken aback when I saw he was buried in my county. (Collin County) maybe 7 miles from where I live in Plano. Watched YT on his burial plot and location. He passed away in 1989. Supposed to have weighed 600 Lbs. I believe they fudge somewhat on height and weight of wrestlers and other strongmen. Interesting things though thanks.
texasluva 23 hours ago
After looking them all I came up with Young Frankenstein. Not only because of the comedy but also the copy I have is top resolution.
LoveMETV22 9 hours ago
A bit off topic, but hey are convos about wrestling are too ( fun though).

Have you noticed every so often in Stories/Quizzes that you can only scroll back 50 or so.
Now as in the past you can scroll back quite a way. I found War games this morning, seems it plays pretty good from the 1st 10 min or so. I'll watch the rest tonight maybe.


I'm stilling keeping an eye out for Flightplan and The Seventh Sign ....Who knows maybe I'll get lucky. Watched Fish called Wanda last night on Tubi. Love that movie so funny.

MrsPhilHarris 4 hours ago
KJExpress 4 days ago
I can't believe a whole week has passed and it's MQ time already! 🎬
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texasluva KJExpress 2 days ago
I did not think I had either but looked and there was Shenandoah.
For movies? MPH and I have the honors this week.
Okay, thank you 🤭 I get confused sometimes, imagine that, lol
It's pretty much every other week. I'm glad TT remembers whose turn it is. 😵‍💫
SheriHeffner 10 days ago
I looked at a magazine this morning at work. Itvwas all about this creepy movie. Poor Linda Blair hurt her back and Poor Ellen Burstyn hurt and cracked her butt bone during the filming. I have never made it beyond the first ten minutes of the movie. It's way too violent and frightening for me to watch.
metv1717 SheriHeffner 3 days ago
There was nothing frightening or violent in the first 10 minutes of the movie.
Tresix 13 days ago
100%. To think, this movie turns 50 this year. Why, it’s enough to make your head spin!
geatornez82 15 days ago
8/10. Pretty good, considering I've never even seen this movie (nor do I want to, I'm not fond of horror movies). Though I do love "Tubular Bells."
Granny 16 days ago
I could never watch that movie with a straight face after I heard Richard Pryor’s 3-minute parody on his album, “That N*****’s Crazy. He absolutely ruined that movie for me! Check it out, folks, it’s hilarious!
Bapa1 16 days ago
5/10. read the book, saw the movie. 'The soul is mine'!
BenSobeleone 17 days ago
Actress Mercedes McCambridge provided the voice of the demon. She appeared in the movie Giant (1956) She played the sister of Rock Hudson's character. Whenever I see her in a tv series or a movie, I always think of The Exorcist.
She was MEAN in Giant! Poor War Winds! I'm glad he threw her.
Zip 17 days ago
I think I only saw this movie once, and then parts of it here and there.
trogg888 17 days ago
Got nine.that still has to be one of the creepiest and scariest movies of all time
Matsui 17 days ago
9 out of 10. One of my favorite horror movies.
mpatrick 18 days ago
9/10 Thought the guy was a pilot. Guess I wasn't high enough
trogg888 mpatrick 17 days ago
Considering the decade you should have been
Zip trogg888 17 days ago
You guys are far out!
Bloodymama5 mpatrick 15 days ago
9/10. I too thought he was a pilot.
BorisK 18 days ago
8/2 only because I muffed Ragan's age and didn't know the guy was an astronaut.
Muleskinner 18 days ago
4/10. I must be possessed today.
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