Can you tell the difference between Gunsmoke and Green Acres?

How well do you know these country classics?

Gunsmoke is a long-running Western while Green Acres is an absurd sitcom many believe was canceled too soon. On the surface, there aren't any similarities.

But dig deeper and you can start to see a resemblance. Here are 15 questions about both classic shows — the characters, actors and even episode titles. Do you think you can tell the difference?

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  1. This show started in black and white.
  2. This show originally aired on CBS.
  3. This show’s theme song had lyrics.
  4. This show ended in 1975.
  5. Eddie Albert appeared in at least one episode of this show.
  6. Which show had a character named Hank Kimball?
  7. “The Glory and the Mud” was an episode of which series?
  8. This show featured a cow named Eleanor.
  9. This show takes place in a fictional town.
  10. The male lead of this showed served in WWII.
  11. Which show had a character named Newly O’Brien?
  12. This show only had one cast member appear in every single episode.
  13. This show was adapted from an earlier radio version.
  14. “The Deputy” was an episode of which series?
  15. This show featured a mule named Ruth.

Can you tell the difference between Gunsmoke and Green Acres?

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scp 13 days ago
12 out of 15.
Green Acres was on the radio?
Randall 1 month ago
Hooterville is fictional however Pixley is real I've driven through it you can drive through Pixley on the 99 expressway in central CA
daDoctah 2 months ago
10/15, mostly because I never watched Gunsmoke on a regular basis and guessed Green Acres for several where the real answer was "both".

BTW, how well do you think Gunsmoke would have done in the ratings if they had retained the original radio cast for the TV version? You think audiences would buy William Conrad as Marshall Dillon if they could see him?
JHP daDoctah 1 month ago
nope - like conrad as cannon
bewest169 2 months ago
13/15 stave have a huge crush on Liza Douglas hot cakes anyone
Cowgirl 2 months ago
You got 15 out of 15
Great job, pardner!
BrentwoodJon 2 months ago
Green Acres Radio version ?
Are you sure.
wanderer2575 BrentwoodJon 2 months ago
Yes. It was based on "Granby's Green Acres," which was a short-lived program on CBS Radio in 1950. It was created by Jay Sommers, who later created the television show.
cperrynaples wanderer2575 2 months ago
There's an article on this site about that! The stars were Gale Gordon & Bea Benaderet, who ironically were also Lucy's first choices for Fred & Ethel Mertz!
JoelFogelsanger 2 months ago
I got 15 out of 15. Great job pardner.
Craigg 2 months ago
You got 13 out of 15
Great job, pardner!
frenchman71 2 months ago
10/15. How could there have been a radio version of "Green Acres"? They were correct at the beginning of the quiz that "Green Acres" was an absurd sitcom. It went beyond stupid. Eddie Albert must've felt like he was in the Twilight Zone in every episode. At least the other Filmways sitcoms (Bev. Hillbillies & Petticoat Junction) had some semblance of reality.
Craigg frenchman71 2 months ago
More of an inspiration for the tv series:
wanderer2575 frenchman71 2 months ago
"Stupid"? You're entitled to your opinion, but I think "Green Acres" was brilliant for its time, precisely because of its absurdity. You seem to not understand that MeTV meant that adjective as a positive, not a negative. The show never took itself seriously, including its surrealism and fourth-wall-breaking. The visual gags and wordplays were great; like "Police Squad," you often missed something if you weren't really paying attention. And the cast always seemed to have good chemistry and seemed to be enjoying themselves.
frenchman71 wanderer2575 2 months ago
Sorry. I stand by what I said. And to compare "Green Acres" to "Police Squad" is a major injustice. I LOVED that series and all the "Naked Gun" movies. When I saw the first Naked Gun in the theater I almost passed out I was laughing so hard. I don't think Green Acres is the same brand of humor as the Naked Gun/ Police Squad. I'll give you another comparison...The Munsters and the Addams Family. I saw both shows but I love the Munsters. It had some sense that this could be a real family. The Addams Family is like Green Acres but on a macabre, surreal level. And, if I remember, just about all the humor took place in their house...hardly any scenes of them out in the public. The Munsters had alot of episodes where they were out interacting with the public. Just my opinion.
15inchBlackandWhite 2 months ago
13/15. Huge Green Acres fan. Gunsmoke not so much.
BZCITY 2 months ago
10/15 guessed on everything! Wish I guessed like that in high school! Exams didn’t go so well!
Samuel 2 months ago
I think GREEN ACRES had a pilot episode that was in B&W. Once the series was picked up by CBS all subsequent episodes were in color. It was cheaper in those days to do a pilot in B&W because there were quite a few weekly series still in B&W.
cperrynaples Samuel 2 months ago
Green Acres was ALWAYS in color! However, that statement is definitely true for both Get Smart & Hogan's Heroes!
max cperrynaples 2 months ago
Gilligan's Island also.
cperrynaples max 2 months ago
Gilligan came on in 1964, when CBS was still black and white! The only reason the first season is in color on MeTV is because those episodes were digitally upgraded in 1991!
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