Can you tell the difference between Gunsmoke and Green Acres?

How well do you know these country classics?

Gunsmoke is a long-running Western while Green Acres is an absurd sitcom many believe was canceled too soon. On the surface, there aren't any similarities.

But dig deeper and you can start to see a resemblance. Here are 15 questions about both classic shows — the characters, actors and even episode titles. Do you think you can tell the difference?

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  1. This show started in black and white.
  2. This show originally aired on CBS.
  3. This show’s theme song had lyrics.
  4. This show ended in 1975.
  5. Eddie Albert appeared in at least one episode of this show.
  6. Which show had a character named Hank Kimball?
  7. “The Glory and the Mud” was an episode of which series?
  8. This show featured a cow named Eleanor.
  9. This show takes place in a fictional town.
  10. The male lead of this showed served in WWII.
  11. Which show had a character named Newly O’Brien?
  12. This show only had one cast member appear in every single episode.
  13. This show was adapted from an earlier radio version.
  14. “The Deputy” was an episode of which series?
  15. This show featured a mule named Ruth.

Can you tell the difference between Gunsmoke and Green Acres?

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Dysall 2 months ago
14/15 missed WW lead. Picked Gunsmoke instead of both.
Glornt 5 months ago
13/15, more from knowledge of Green Acres than Gunsmoke.
PilotTom 28 months ago
9/15 . MeTv channel 30.2 in Jacksonville Florida will not show Andy Griffith or Green Acres and will not reply to emails as to why not !!!! My wife and I just returned from a out of state vacation and got to watch Andy Griffith and Green Acres every night we where on our trip . Sure was nice !!!!!
JHP 28 months ago
#13? really? Green Acres on radio - Id say not

Greg 34 months ago
8/15 Granby's Green Acres radio show is on you tube
John 39 months ago
11 out of 15. Some guesses, but the one that surprise me was #12. It's obvious that Matt Dillion would have appeared in every episode of Gunsmoke, but I would have thought that either Oliver or Lisa would have appeared in every episode of Green Acres.
EmBee John 38 months ago
The question was: This show only had ONE cast member appear in every single episode. Oliver AND Lisa were in every ep of GA.
scp 40 months ago
12 out of 15.
Green Acres was on the radio?
ttenchantr scp 39 months ago
It was a different show with a similar premise:
RedSamRackham ttenchantr 9 months ago
* Granby's Green Acres was a 30-minute comedy radio show that focused on the life of John Granby, a former bank teller, and Martha Granby, his talkative wife.
Randall 41 months ago
Hooterville is fictional however Pixley is real I've driven through it you can drive through Pixley on the 99 expressway in central CA
daDoctah 42 months ago
10/15, mostly because I never watched Gunsmoke on a regular basis and guessed Green Acres for several where the real answer was "both".

BTW, how well do you think Gunsmoke would have done in the ratings if they had retained the original radio cast for the TV version? You think audiences would buy William Conrad as Marshall Dillon if they could see him?
JHP daDoctah 41 months ago
nope - like conrad as cannon
bewest169 42 months ago
13/15 stave have a huge crush on Liza Douglas hot cakes anyone
Cowgirl 42 months ago
You got 15 out of 15
Great job, pardner!
BrentwoodJon 42 months ago
Green Acres Radio version ?
Are you sure.
wanderer2575 BrentwoodJon 42 months ago
Yes. It was based on "Granby's Green Acres," which was a short-lived program on CBS Radio in 1950. It was created by Jay Sommers, who later created the television show.
cperrynaples wanderer2575 42 months ago
There's an article on this site about that! The stars were Gale Gordon & Bea Benaderet, who ironically were also Lucy's first choices for Fred & Ethel Mertz!
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