Survey: Which of these actors' roles do you prefer?

It's Maynard Krebs vs. Gilligan! Andy vs. Matlock! The choice is yours.

A television actor is lucky to have one iconic role. It takes extreme talent to have more.

Legends like Bob Denver, Lucille Ball, Andy Griffith and Mary Tyler Moore all had more than one role for which they were known. Perhaps you prefer Denver's beatnik Maynard Krebs over the bumbling Gilligan. 

Do you want to know if your opinions stack up to everyone else's? We'll present an actor to you, and you have to choose which role you like better.

Let's see what you think!
  1. Raymond Burr
  2. Andy Griffith
  3. Mary Tyler Moore
    Worldvision Enterprises (left)
  4. Bob Denver
  5. Bob Newhart
    20th Television (right)
  6. Ron Howard
  7. William Shatner
    Sony Pictures Television (right)
  8. Dick Van Dyke
    Worldvision Enterprises (left)
  9. Lucille Ball (obviously excluding 'I Love Lucy')
    TV Guide
  10. Bea Arthur
    Sony Pictures Television (left), Buena Vista Television (right)
Survey: Which of these actors' roles do you prefer?

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