Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers will know how to operate this television

Do you know the difference between V-Hold and VHF?

Televisions sure have changed over the decades. For one thing, they are a lot thinner. What used to be like a credenza is more like a painting.

Also, you won't find TV covered in knobs. 

But those who grew up with turning television knobs will remember the familiar problems. You had to work to get a perfect picture!

You likely have to be a certain age to pass this vintage television tech test. See how well you score!

  1. Oh no! The Andy Griffith Show is coming in all wrong. Which knob will fix it?
  2. Which knob would you use to fix this image?
  3. Which knob would you use to fix this image?
  4. Which tool would you use to hook up this Atari converter box to the back of your 1970s television?
  5. What figure would you have seen on this test pattern?
  6. Which channel knob would you use to get to Channel 23?
  7. You are all out of blank tapes! And you want to record ALF! Which item below would you use to record over your copy of 'E.T.' on VHS?
  8. Which number or letter is under this question mark?
  9. Which middle color is missing from this familiar set of color bars?
  10. On which knob could you typically find the major three networks?
  11. Which analog color system did American televisions use? This mattered when you were buying VHS tapes.

Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers will know how to operate this television

Your Result...

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EllisClevenger 2 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
Picture perfect! Your memory is in HD!
Rick 9 months ago
I used to have to stand next to the tv and hold the antenna. I guess I am an just about electric personality, but that cleared up the image.
Randall 9 months ago
I remember as a kid listening to audio from channel six in Portland Maine and Channel Nine in Manchester NH on my portable Panasonic Radio
MarleenDavis 9 months ago
Got 10 out of 11. Yep, I am truly old!
Yannick9192 12 months ago
11 of 11 !!! Without using tin foil
TheDavBow3 12 months ago
Whaddya know, got 'me all. A couple lucky guesses.
Dario 12 months ago
9 out of 11. 😁😁😁😁😁
lgbyrne1129 12 months ago
Nothing about rabbit eats and tin foil. Surprising. 🙄
Hounddoggy 12 months ago
In search of the perfect picture-ALWAYS!!🤓
Madness 12 months ago
11/11: Gen-X, 80's-child still remembers channel-clunker TV sets! We had a 19" "portable," in the parlor, from the late 70's, up until the CRT died (late 1990). Big old top-loader VCR, too (I used to record MTV!).
lgbyrne1129 Madness 12 months ago
Nobody cuter on TV than Martha Quinn!
aufkurs 12 months ago
11/11. I come from a time of 3 channels, rabbit ear antenna with aluminum foil on the tips and I was the remote
TonyVeto 12 months ago
11/11... didn't have a color T.V. 'til 1969.
bnichols23 12 months ago
All of them, but if course being a boomer I had unfair advantage. :)
Jeffrey 12 months ago
''You got 11 out of 11'' Picture perfect! Your memory is in HD!
djw1120 12 months ago
Perfect score!!!
What's "HD"?
FrankJohnson 12 months ago
Only missed one. Forgot the missing color on the color bar.
Geronimo 12 months ago
I'm glad I remember most of these things I grew up on just watching regular channels back in the day
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