Sorry, Millenials, only Boomers know what decade these classic candies came out

Some of these delicious treats have stood the test of time. Others have been off the shelves for years!


As Halloween inches closer and closer, only one thing is on everyone's mind: candy! It could be argued adults are more excited for candy this Halloween than kids!

Some of our favorites have been around for nearly 100 years! Reese's, Hershey's, Twix and Snickers are just a few of the biggest and most popular candy bars that are beloved by every sweet-tooth, no matter the age!

Some of the candies you're about to see have been around since the '40s, '50s or 60's. Some are still with us today, while others haven't been seen in a trick or treat bag for several years. 

Millenials love their candy and sweets just as much as the next age generation, but we venture only Boomers can ace this quiz! 

Do you know what decade these classic candies came out?

  1. What decade do the original M&M's belong to?
  2. How about Peanut M&M's?
  3. When did the 100 Grand bar come out, originally labeled as "$100,000 Bar?"
  4. In what decade did Starburst come out?
  5. In what decade could you begin to eat this edible jewelry?
  6. Atomic Fireballs came out in the....
  7. What about Lemonhead?
  8. What decade did Almond Joy come out?
  9. What decade did Astro Pops come out?
  10. What decade did Black Jack Taffy come out?
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  11. When did this chocolate covered candy become Whoppers, after it was originally called Giants?

Sorry, Millenials, only Boomers know what decade these classic candies came out

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JDWJDW2 19 months ago
Ate a lot of them, but still I guessed at them all and got 5 out of 10.
cmsgtjrk 19 months ago
Wow 6 out of 11, thought I’d do better
WayneKeith 19 months ago
3/11. Born in 1957, how the heck am I supposed to know when they "came out"? I just ate them.
JeffPaul76 19 months ago
''You got 4 out of 11'' -------Be careful! That score might get discontinued, just like Summit!
JohnGrant 19 months ago
4. Obviously I don't know my candy
RichLorn 19 months ago
Peanut M&Ms came out the same year that my first zit came out. Coincidence? Or a subversive cold war conspiracy? You decide.
Michael 19 months ago
I remember Pixie Sticks and Sweet Tarts. And big York mint patties. And something like a Rollo, but filled with a mint filling.

I like Tobler mint bars. But those were sold at specialty stores. And then no.longer available. The Ritter's Sport mint bars taste the same.

At Christmas we'd get chocolate apples, chocolate shaped like apple slices. Imported from the UK. Now they have chocolate oranges, same thing butba different company.
CynFinnegan 19 months ago
Funny how y'all forget about Gen Xers like me.
KellyTenace 19 months ago
You have to be more than a boomer to know when some of these came out off the top of your head. I mean, the 1940s? Wouldn't you have to actually remember at least the late 1930s or early 40s to just happen to remember these? To my knowledge, that predates boomers.
DS62 KellyTenace 19 months ago
I ate ALL these candies and got 3/11. I was born at the tail end of the 1950's so would not know at all when these came out exactly. I just saw them in the 5 & Dime and bought them. I had to go to the dentist a
Claude 19 months ago
I got the first six questions correct and then got all remaining questions wrong!
I thought for sure Black Jack Taffy was from the 40's.
AlbertHanson 19 months ago
8/11. I've never heard of Black Jack Taffy. My favorite candies from this quiz are Whoppers and Starburst, depending if I wanted something sour or sweet. I never cared for Lemonheads.
Barry22 19 months ago
7/11, and guessed. Don't know my candy.
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