Snack Cake Showdown: Little Debbie or Hostess

Does Hostess have the Mostest? Or is Little Debbie the Big Winner?


What some might dismiss as petty regionalism, we uphold as a significant distinction. Because you can tell a lot about a person based on their snack cake preferences.

So which is it, bub? Do you have one brand more readily available? Or have you done your Ding Dong due diligence, and taste-tested your way to a well-informed opinion? 

Sound off, tell us which of these products you like more, and please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

  1. Ding Dongs or Zebra Cakes?
  2. Ho Hos or Swiss Rolls?
  3. Sno Balls or Oatmeal Creme Pies?
  4. Twinkies or Cosmic Brownies?
  5. CupCakes or Nutty Bars?

Snack Cake Showdown: Little Debbie or Hostess

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Artsynanna 8 months ago
we all know little Debbie is the best!
FlaFeral 8 months ago
60%...BurrrAaPP..Sudden snack attack! Get outta my way!
texasluva 8 months ago
100% similar to the most popular responses. In fact the other items I never tried or heard of. Many could have been regional.
grandpa5741 8 months ago
I Love Hostess treats and Little Debbie that I married a girl named Debra, she’s my preferred sweet treat 👍
frenchman71 9 months ago
BTW...I was 80%. Shows how much I love Hostess.
ironman2000 frenchman71 8 months ago
Hostess was king un the 60s, and they forgot to add the fruit pies. Today there're no good, they all taste like wax. Corporations, they really no how to mess good things up.
frenchman71 9 months ago
Sorry, people. But Hostess gets my votes for just about ALL treats. It's too bad that over the years they've been taken over, bought out and down sized but their treats are the best. Going back to the 60s and 70s when I was a kid, up until the 80s, they had the best snacks...the Hostess fruit pie. Apple, blueberry, cherry and the flavor I would kill for...lemon. Now if you can get
em, they're nothing like they used to be. And Hostess always tasted fresher than Little Debbie. LD's chocolate cupcakes are good, though
McGillahooala 9 months ago
0% similar. Oatmeal crème pies? Really? I’d rather eat dog food.
Runeshaper 9 months ago
60% similar

Both companies created tasty treats!
IndianaRockz 9 months ago
40% similar

On the rare occasion I have a Hostess cupcake, I peel off that entire fake piece of chocolate flavored vinyl on the top & throw it away. You know they make patent leather shoes out of that stuff in some far away country.
I do love those Lil Debbie Devil Cremes Cakes, especially with an ice cold glass of milk. They're not dipped in that fake chocolate flavored candle wax like Ho Ho's or Swiss Rolls are.
120766 IndianaRockz 9 months ago
frenchman71 IndianaRockz 9 months ago
The tops were great!
grandpa5741 120766 8 months ago
And the Bottoms 🙃
IndianaRockz 120766 8 months ago
Yes you can but you have to share them with frenchman71 😄!!!
Wendy57 9 months ago
80% similar
Not much of a cake gal, give me a slice of pie anytime. 🥧
grandpa5741 Wendy57 8 months ago
Wendy I’m a Pie Guy 👍
Bricat2001 9 months ago
never really cared for the processed snack cakes :P i mean they are okay but they taste fakey...
grandpa5741 Bricat2001 8 months ago
Fakey Cakey? I’m in.
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