See how well you remember 8-Track tapes

Let's rewind to the era of 8-Tracks! Wait… can you rewind?


8-Track tapes were a big part of 1970s pop culture. But they were around for a while before that.

Now associated with classic rock and bellbottoms, the 8-Track tape made music portable, both in cars and carriable players.

Today, we think of them like lava lamps and the Pet Rock — icons of Seventies life. Let's see how well you remember this funky music format! Try to get 8 or more correct!

  1. Could you rewind an 8-Track tape?
  2. What happened at the end of the tape?
  3. Which MeTV star released this 8-Track tape in 1973?
  4. In what year was the Stereo 8 cartridge first introduced to the public?
     Image: Lear Jet
  5. This record club was known for its "deal" of 13 8-Track tapes for a single penny.
  6. This band's 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vita' was the best-selling 8-Track tape of 1969.
     Image: ATCO / Atlantic
  7. This American motor company was the first automobile manufacturer to offer 8-Track players in its cars, beginning in the fall of 1965.
     Image: RCA
  8. How many "programs" were on a standard 8-Track tape?
     Image: Panasonic
  9. This band's 'Greatest Hits' released in 1988 is considered to be the last major 8-Track tape commercially released in stores.
     Image: Warner Bros.
  10. "The Great Gig in the Sky" was the final song on the 8-Track version of this band's classic 1973 album, released on purple "Quadrophonic" 8-Track cartridges.
     Image: Harvest / Capitol Records
  11. His 1969 album with Antônio Carlos Jobim is considered to be the rarest 8-Track of all time. The album was ONLY released on 8-Track and quickly deleted from circulation.
     Image: Reprise Records

See how well you remember 8-Track tapes

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musicman37 29 months ago
11 out of 11. How can anyone miss 8 tracks? They were unwieldy, they split songs between tracks, mixed the songs up from how they appeared on the vinyl for an even split timewise, they came apart at the track changer, and you couldn't rewind. Until CDs came in, Everything I had was vinyl, which I could make a cassette of to listen to on the go with my Walkman.
Tresix 30 months ago
“Up yours, young people! You and your rock and roll 8-track tapes!”-Carol Channing after beating Mike Tyson in a boxing match on “Family Guy”.
Randall 32 months ago
As a DIEHARD Life long Sinatra Fan, I can tell you that that TAPE was the second JOMBIM Album (one of my favorites) and I do not know if it was Frank who pulled it out of circulation or what happened. All I know is most of the tracks can be heard on an album entitled Sinatra and Company, which they Released during his RETIREMENT , in reality the cleaned out the vault with some un-released tracks (this album is really worth finding!
tailings 36 months ago
I really, really, don't >CHUNK< miss the track change of an 8-track cassette.
Randall tailings 32 months ago
If it is an 8 track, it is not a cassette, Auto Reverse Cassette Decks rendered the 8- Track obsolete sadly (I MISS 8 TRACKS)
ProfessorJose1955 37 months ago
Back in the summer of 1993, I was at a friend's house helping him to clean his artic and while we were cleaning it we found a large cardboard box, and when we opened it up lo and behold it was full of 8-track tapes!
Then as we continued cleaning the attic we found another cardboard box and when we opened it we found an old 8-track tape player!
Soon our curiosity got the better of us, so we decided to plug it to see if it worked, and much to our surprise, when we plugged it in it worked!
Dajj 37 months ago
7/11 I remeber having and using them. I still like using CDs!!
RogerMullins 37 months ago
#3 you've got another spot where you might should block out the name. ;-)
Mob39 37 months ago
See how well you remember 8-Track tapes

You got 11 out of 11

Groovy! You did gr-8!
newsveteran 37 months ago
I belonged to Columbia house until i found out they cut 20 to 30 percent of the music off an 8 track so they could fit it on a single cartridge. One for sure was Jesus Christ Superstar. I remember listening to the record after months of listening to the 8 track and heard so much more of the opera than was on the 8 track. After comparing several more cartridges with the records, i cancelled my Columbia house subscription and threatened a law suit. Never heard back from them again.
musicman37 newsveteran 29 months ago
That wasn't Columbia House - that was the original owner of the recording. They licensed Columbia House to make the tapes and the license specified how much of the work to use. They didn't need to cut music "to fit" - they could make an 8-track cartridge any length they wanted, as long as they could split it by 4 evenly.
JDnHuntsvilleAL 38 months ago
I hated 8-tracks and never owned one. I do remember listening to "Chicago" on a friend's unit though. REALLY BAD. You're rocking along on a song, and suddenly it stopped, and about 5 seconds later started up again. THAT was the unit changing tracks.
Lanette1961 38 months ago
That comedian that talked about Yazoo City was Jerry Clower.
John 38 months ago
10/11. And everything I remember about 8-tracks comes from one that my older sister owned. I probably haven't even looked at in almost 50 years.
Lillyrose 38 months ago
8 out of 11. Mostly guesses.
Mhev1970 38 months ago
Still have a storage divider full of 8 tracks and a player I took out of my 56 Nomad before I sold it
Mhev1970 Mhev1970 38 months ago
By the way 10 of 11
38 months ago
I got 8 out of 11. I guesed at this. The only reason I got one of them.right is because of The Simpsons episode where Bart Sells His Soul. They were in church and the congregation was singing In The Garden Of Eden by I Ron Butterfly. My mom used to have some of those 8 track tapes when I was a kid. She had one that played a song I loved called Daddy What If. I used to listen to it, but when it played I could also hear Jolene by Dolly Parton at the same time. But it was at a lower volume, like in the background. She also had several albums. One was Creedence Clearwater Revival. She and my late father loved them, and one was some man, name long forgotten that was a country style comedian. He talked about living in some town and talked about how he sang Juanita as Jonjita. He talked about Yazzoo Mississippi.
Coca 38 months ago
Had some laying around in the
Garage on a shelf by my 69
Chevelle convert years ago and my young nephews asked me
What kind of video games are those HAHAHAH
Molly Hatch on cover
Tresix 38 months ago
I work for a freight company and was SHOCKED to see we were shipping some 8-track players for cars in 2003! Needless to say, most of the younger workers were asking what an 8-track was.
Rik 38 months ago
I do remember pulling out the cassette and having 3 ft of tape wound up inside the player... ahhh the good old days
madvincent 38 months ago
I had an 8 track player in my car we would wedge a book of matches under the 8 track to make it sound better....
Also when they were unplayable they were great to throw at cars that cut you off lol
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