Can you match these Easter episodes to the correct shows?

The years and character names are a big hint! Hop to it!

Television loves a good Halloween episode, Thanksgiving episode, or Christmas episode. But Easter episodes are few and far between. That likely has something to do with the calendar, as many shows traditionally are wrapping up their seasons around Easter.

Still, there have been some memorable Easter tales told on classic TV. The 10 below are the bulk of them from the 1950s through early-'00s.

We'll give you the title and a plot description. Pay attention to the years and character names! Try to guess the show!

  1. "Three on a Porch" (1975): Richie, Potsie, and Ralph think they have rented a cabin at Lake Whitefish for the Easter holiday, but find out instead that they have only rented the porch of the place.
  2. "Private Charles Lamb" (1974): When the unit is invited to share an Easter meal with a Greek unit, a kind-hearted member tries to save the main course… the lamb!
  3. "Caution: Easter Bunny Costume" (1970): The middle of three sons wears an Easter Bunny suit to entertain the children at an orphanage, but before he can amuse the kiddies, he must contend with a gang of inept outlaws.
  4. "An Easter Story" (1973): Olivia is stricken with polio.
  5. "Chuckie Cottontail" (1965): When searching the island for some stolen eggs, Elroy, Wallace and Edgar are captured by Japanese soldiers.
  6. "Dyeing Easter Eggs" (1953): Alvin and Elizabeth dye Easter eggs and get into an argument about the usefulness of having a rabbit for a pet.
  7. "Here Comes Alice Cottontail" (1980): Mel takes in Tommy.
  8. "The Easter Bunny" (2000): Steve and Janet have a crisis when the dog they are babysitting for kills and eats their neighbor's daughter's pet rabbit.
  9. "The Easter Show" (2001): Oswald has to deliver Easter baskets with melting chocolate.
  10. "Easter Hats" (1953): In this lost episode, the price of eggs leads to an argument about not having enough money to buy nice hats for Easter.

Can you match these Easter episodes to the correct shows?

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Dajj 5 months ago
9/10, I should have got 10/10! I jumped the gun on #3. Good quiz!!
5 months ago
6 out of 10? Oy, yoy yoy!
gatorgirl 5 months ago
Very sad that none of these episodes or any others have the real reason for Easter which if Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and then rising on 3rd day. Everything but Jesus. SAD!
bobbygood 5 months ago
8/10 I had a very successful time guessing. I am very impressed with myself.
SandyLynneCastrini 5 months ago
When l try to solve quizzes with “80’s” questions, l ALWAYS get those answers wrong as I was raising my rambunctious boys.
Take a newborn home and your brains become oatmeal.
So guess which ones l got wrong? 😊
It's not that your brain dissolves. It's just so much more fun to look at that brand-new little face than anything else (my experience comes from four nieces and nephews who now range in age from thirteen to eight--still not sure when THAT happened).
Wendy57 5 months ago
For me it was a tough “Easter Egg” to crack.
Wiseguy 5 months ago
Both #6 and #10 were only one part (about 10 minutes) of the entire episode.
DIGGER1 5 months ago
Can you match these Easter episodes to the correct shows?
You got 10 out of 10
Was this quiz gentle as a lamb… or did you get Easter egg on the face?
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