Do you remember what the Andy Griffith Show cast did in the 1980s?

What were Andy, Don and Ron up to two decades later?


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In the 1980s, The Andy Griffith Show was about as old as, say, Scrubs is to us now. In other words, it still felt pretty recent to a lot of folks. And no wonder — the cast continued to be cherished actors in Hollywood.

But do you remember what everyone was doing that decade?

See how well you remember what the Mayberry folks did in the era of jelly bracelets, hair metal, and parachute pants.

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  1. In 1986, the cast of The Andy Griffith Show reunited for a TV movie. What was it called?
  2. Don Knotts was playing the landlord on Three's Company. What was his character's name?
  3. Denver Pyle was playing Uncle Jesse on which series?
  4. Andy Griffith and Ron Howard reprised their characters of Andy and Opie on this comedy show in 1982 — the episode also happened to feature punk legends The Clash.
  5. In 1982, Ron Howard directed this comedy with Henry Winkler — and made a cameo as "Annoying Sax Player."
  6. Which Andy Griffith Show cast member had a recurring role on What A Country, the 1986 sitcom starring stand-up comedian Yakov Smirnoff?
  7. Which of these Andy Griffith Show actors sadly did not live to see the 1980s?
  8. Her final screen role was playing Judge Cynthia Justin in several episode of Matlock, reuniting her with former costar Andy Griffith.
  9. He played Homer Lyle in Cannonball Run II.
  10. Hal Smith voiced the characters Gyro Gearloose and Flintheart Glomgold in which hit cartoon series?
  11. He appeared on an episode of The Love Boat alongside pop artist Andy Warhol. Cloris Leachman played his wife.
  12. Elinor Donahue played the mom Susan on this 1987 FOX series.
  13. Jack Dodson (Howard Sprague) played Judge Farnham in a few seasons of this acclaimed drama.

Do you remember what the Andy Griffith Show cast did in the 1980s?

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Dajj 37 months ago
7/13 tough one for me; had to guess on some!
MarianneCoon 37 months ago
9 out of 13
MarianneCoon MarianneCoon 37 months ago
I was busy working full time and raising a son as an only parent
NiceL 37 months ago
5/13. I thought I would do better.
NiceL NiceL 37 months ago
Got same score. Thought I would do better too.
djw1120 38 months ago
MeTV, please bring back the show with Andy Griffith where he invented a space ship - it could only go straight up and down - I forget what the name was. He was a junk yard dealer and made the spacecraft out of junk parts.
TheSentinel djw1120 36 months ago
It was Salvage 1.
AllisonWunderland 38 months ago
12/13...and to think I wasn't even gonna take this quiz 😉😆
Jacki 38 months ago
5/13 Never watched some of the shows. Oh well.
MrBill 38 months ago
12/13; much improved for my second time taking this quiz.
trogg888 38 months ago
not surprised i tanked this,during the 80s i went to college full time worked as a bartender and sang and played in a rock band late night.barely had time to sleep.ahh the good ole days
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