See how well you know the WKRP in Cincinnati spoof of A Christmas Carol

Test your TV trivia with ''Bah, Humbug''!

Watch WKRP in Cincinnati "Bah, Humbug" on Sunday, December 13, at 6PM | 5C!

WKRP in Cincinnati is best known for its Thanksgiving episode, "Turkeys Away," but it was not the only holiday celebrated by the beloved rock & roll sitcom.

The radio station celebrated Christmas a couple of times, too. In fact, Arthur Carlson played "Scrooge" in a spoof of Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol. The episode was called, naturally, "Bah, Humbug."

Let's see if you can answer trivia about this delightfully offbeat parody.

  1. Dr. Johnny Fever is the Ghost of Christmas…?
  2. The ghost of which Arthur Carlson relative comes to visit him in his sleep?
  3. Jennifer is the Ghost of Christmas…?
  4. The old receptionist at WKRP shared a name with a famous food mascot. What was her name?
  5. The old boss, Mr. Armor, is played by a familiar face from The Andy Griffith Show. You know this actor as who in Mayberry?
  6. Who is this in the argyle vest?
  7. What present does Mr. Armor give "Artie" for Christmas?
  8. Don Diamond plays a coworker named Don Bassett. He is best known for playing "Crazy Cat" in which Sixties sitcom?
  9. Where is this white space?
  10. Which pop star is in this poster?
  11. Which legendary rock band is seen here on the cover of their 1980 album 'The Game'?
  12. What does Les Nessman become in the future, according to the Ghost of Christmas Future?
  13. After "Scrooge" Carlson learns his lesson from the ghosts, what does he do?

See how well you know the WKRP in Cincinnati spoof of A Christmas Carol

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Lillyrose 2 months ago
6 out of 13. One of my least favorite episodes.
Moverfan 4 months ago
Looking at the picture that goes with #6. Do you suppose Richard Sanders laughed harder at the vest or at the wig?
Pacificsun 4 months ago
WKRP was such a great show, great writing and ensemble work by the actors (timing)! I just wish it had been filmed with better quality. And the sets and lighting a bit more interesting. I guess at the time they didn't realize what a hit they had on their hands! Ahead of its time that's for sure!
Bob 4 months ago
12/13. Haven't seen it in years but it must have stuck with me.
bringbackWKRP 4 months ago
Wish METV would bring the guys back. Merry Christmas to all.
Pacificsun bringbackWKRP 4 months ago
They just had the Christmas episode on!
DerekBird 4 months ago
You got 13 out of 13
Did you get what you want?
geatornez82 4 months ago
11/13. Missed numbers 5 (because I don't watch the Andy Griffith Show), and 11, because I couldn't see the picture too well.
Filmnoirfan 4 months ago
9/13 - saw you this episode when it originally aired but have not seen it since
CaptainDunsel 4 months ago
I wasn't a regular watcher of WKRP, and don't recall this episode at all. But several of these could be reasoned out if you knew the basic characters.
MaryAnn CaptainDunsel 4 months ago
Or paid attention to detail! (Diana)
Bret 4 months ago
You got 11 out of 13
Missed 10 and 11
TheDavBow3 4 months ago
Don't know it at all! Btw, wasn't Mr. Carlson the "2nd" Maytag repair man?
Krn TheDavBow3 4 months ago
He was definitely one of them 🙂
Pacificsun TheDavBow3 4 months ago
Gordon Jump.

My cousin has the same last name!!
DIGGER1 4 months ago
See how well you know the WKRP in Cincinnati spoof of A Christmas Carol
You got 10 out of 13
Did you get what you want?
Daizy531 4 months ago
6/13 I never seen this episode I wasn't a fan of wkrp in Cincinnati
MrsPhilHarris 4 months ago
6/13 I don’t remember this episode. I remember the one where Jennifer was going to Bethlehem.
Krn MrsPhilHarris 4 months ago
A down home Christmas!
Rob 4 months ago
I like this show, but I don’t remember this episode. I only got 3/13.
MrsPhilHarris Rob 4 months ago
I don’t remember it either.
Moriyah 4 months ago
Do you think they would've done an episode like this wit GP? (Let me know)
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Pacificsun Moriyah 4 months ago
Well (for example) I could see Gomer Pyle coming up with the idea of trying to cheer the enlisted men over the holidays, because maybe they couldn't visit their families. But Gomer would need approval to make it happen. So he would have to talk Sgt. Carter into giving permission. And then being in charge of it (which means being a chairperson).

However Gomer Pyle's particular formula stuck to traditional living in the military. Field exercises, pleasing the Brass, personal leave time, and the adventures (or difficulties) the men got into while being off base. For some reason they just didn't choose sentimental themes like other sitcoms.
Moriyah Pacificsun 4 months ago
Do you know if there were certain rules for the formula? If so, what are they?
Pacificsun Moriyah 4 months ago
Not actually rules. More like an identity. Usually coming from the mind (preference, opinion) of the series’ creator and producer (who puts everything together). An identity is (usually) what the viewers’ expect to see in a series, and that’s why they tune in. They expect the characters to act in certain ways. By contrast MASH (also a military setting) was the exception to this idea. They broadly experimented with lots of perspectives and storylines. Some focusing on individual characters. And once in awhile they acted a little differently than their "normal." While it was a story about war and reluctant draftees, it explored a moral viewpoint as well. (Perhaps) pro or con war.

A comedy has an identity because of what the characters say and how they act. Mama’s family is well defined. And those characters act in very specific ways. On the Gomer Pyle series, Gomer is usually the altruistic personality. Thinking the best of people, and doing the right thing. Sgt. Carter is the cynic, hard-nosed, authoritarian, who is always trying to break Gomer’s spirit. Because he thinks Gomer is too simplistic.

In short, it was probably that a Christmas show would’ve been too sentimental, and too far out of character for Sgt. Carter to display his inner emotions. Those aren’t rules. Just expectations, meaning the lines drawn around certain characters. Like what you expect from certain people you know!

Hope this helped! And you enjoyed reading more about your favorite show!
Moriyah Pacificsun 4 months ago
Thank you! But I think it would've been ok for them to do a holiday episode, even though it would've been out of character.
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