Quick: Which of these 'Love Boat' episodes is your favorite?

Is your favorite episode of 'The Love Boat' similar to others who take the poll?


Set sail with MeTV this Sunday, Nov. 6 starting at 12P | 11C with some of the best episodes of The Love Boat

We've compiled some of the best episodes of the series into a list of five, all of which will air this Sunday! 

Take our quick poll below, and select your favorite episode from The Love Boat out of these five episodes and see how similar your response is to other Love Boat fans! 

Remember, there's no right or wrong answer, just choose your favorite episode and don't forget to join us Sunday at 12P |11C!

  1. Of these five episodes from The Love Boat, which is your favorite?

Quick: Which of these 'Love Boat' episodes is your favorite?

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graceful1970 14 months ago
100% similar
100% similar to the most popular responses
JHP 18 months ago
the one that is NEVER on

I would need 151 rum to watch any of them:)
retired2019 18 months ago
This was a stupid quiz. I’m embarrassed to say I took it and was 20% similar.
Kenner 18 months ago
The episode where the love boat runs aground and everyone (except Julie) are eaten by cannibals.
Rob Kenner 18 months ago
Oh yeah, that’s a good one.
JHP Kenner 18 months ago
I cant stop laughing!!!!!
CaptainDunsel 18 months ago
I'll be watching "Supertrain" instead...
(just kidding...)
JHP 18 months ago
cut to the chase - none of them - they are that last sweet doughnut at the Kwiky Mart
FestusFan2312 18 months ago
Don’t know. Never saw any of these and don’t plan to.
CoreyC 18 months ago
I believe Gopher's frat brother is Tom Hanks.
texasluva 18 months ago
I am 20% similar. Just selected one based on reading.
MrsPhilHarris 18 months ago
30% I don’t remember any of these so I picked the first one since it was from Season 1.
KJExpress MrsPhilHarris 18 months ago
Had I taken the quiz, I would have picked that one for the same reason. I used to love this show, but after awhile it ran its course. Same with most shows I used to watch. 🤷‍♀️
Rob MrsPhilHarris 18 months ago
I don’t remember any of these episodes either. They don’t even sound very good.
Kelley1 18 months ago
None of the above, actually. With me it's anything involving Vicki. I always looked forward to those episodes. As I got older though, I must admit the ones featuring Captain Stubing have grown on me.
priceisrightrusher Kelley1 18 months ago
Me too I love accidental cruise and never say goodbye
tmac1951 18 months ago
Are we getting desperate for quizzes or what??????? I’m sure millions of people remember those shows!!!!! I’m not one of though.
LoveMETV22 tmac1951 18 months ago
The Quiz is because this Sunday's Block is " The Love Boat. "
tmac1951 LoveMETV22 18 months ago
My next door neighbor is seal coating his driveway on Sunday, my job is to watch it dry. The boat will have to sail without me.
LoveMETV22 tmac1951 18 months ago
Always good to have a plan.
JHP tmac1951 18 months ago
BINGO!!!! smiles 1000X
Barry22 18 months ago
NONE of THEM. Sink the Love Boat!
CaptainDunsel Barry22 18 months ago
Anyone remember the TV show "The Rousters"? That was their ad line - "Rousters gonna *sink* The Love Boat!"
(Gone in 13...)
I’d not heard of it so I looked it up and read the premise. No wonder it tanked.
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