Poll: What would you watch on TV in 1974?

Would you say hello to the Fonz or goodbye to Festus?

The year 1974 was a period of transition, not just in popular culture, but specifically in television. You had a legendary Western riding off into the sunset after a two-decade run. You had a nostalgic sitcom about the 1950s introducing soon-to-be household names like the Fonz and Potsie. Family favorites were saying goodbye as new ones were waving hello. 

In other words, there was a variety from which to choose — including some variety shows.

So, if you had a time machine and a magical remote control, what would you pick to watch on the tube in the '74–'75 season? See how your selections stack up against the rest.
  1. We begin on a Friday night. It is 8:30PM, and the options are sci-fi or chuckles. Pick one!
     Image: Everett Collection
  2. After a good sleep, you awake on Saturday morning. Bacon and eggs are cooking. What are you watching at 11:30AM?
  3. Later that evening, there is a diverse range on offer on Saturday at 8PM.
  4. NBC rotated in a handful of crime solvers on Sunday at 8:30PM, while the other networks took wildly different routes.
  5. It's now Monday at 8PM. Dinner is done. What's on the TV?
  6. Tuesday at 8PM — do you want laughter or action?
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  7. Later that night, on Tuesday at 10PM, there are different takes on drama.
     Image: Everett Collection
  8. The following day, on Wednesday at 8PM, you can opt for some pop, some laughs or some wholesome lessons.
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  9. Tune in to one of these on Thursday at 8PM.
  10. You've made it through a week. Take a day off and stay at home on the couch. Here's what's on, weekdays at 11:30AM. Pick one.

Poll: What would you watch on TV in 1974?

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DerekBird 29 months ago
72% similar
72% similar to the most popular responses
DanKrantz 40 months ago
Another Saturday Morning must-watch in 1974 was LAND OF THE LOST. It'd be nice if you would bring it back.
Runeshaper 57 months ago
51% similar
51% similar to the most popular responses
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