Poll: Are your favorite characters the same as everyone else's?

See how your opinions stack up.

Everyone has a favorite. Whether it's a favorite food or a favorite color, we always gravitate towards one thing over another. 

Not everyone shares the same preferences, though. That's especially true when it comes to TV characters.

Some people adore Gilligan's blunders, while other people find them silly. The same goes for Rhoda's brash personality.

We're giving you a serious task. Out of all the shows we've listed below, choose your favorite character from each one — then see what everyone else thinks. 

We can't wait to see which ones come out on top!
  1. Who's your favorite 'Gilligan's Island' character?
  2. Who's your favorite character from 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'?
  3. Who's your favorite 'M*A*S*H' character?
  4. Who's your favorite 'Taxi' character?
  5. Who's your favorite 'Cheers' character?
  6. Who's your favorite 'Brady Bunch' adult?
  7. Who's your favorite 'Brady Bunch' kid?
  8. Who's your favorite member of 'The Love Boat'?
  9. Who's your favorite 'Star Trek' character?
  10. Who's your favorite 'Happy Days' character? (Besides the Fonz, obviously)
Poll: Are your favorite characters the same as everyone else's?

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