Which 1970s song must go?

This might be the hardest decision you'll make today.

The 1970s were full of fun, quirky music that we still can't get out of our heads. There were rock groups like Fleetwood Mac that took over the charts and pop duos like Donny & Marie that took over television.

Let's not forget all the one-hit wonders and disco jams that still call us to the dance floor.

We're giving you the ultimate 1970s music test. Which one of these songs must go? 

We'll give you three related songs or artists, and you'll have to pick which one you can do without.

Think you can make it through? Let's see.

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Which 1970s song must go?

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JohnGibbons 11 months ago
47% my tastes generally run different than most
TonyClifton 11 months ago
Bette Midler, Donny & Marie, Killing Me Softly...those were no brainers for options to send to the vertical file.
Joe 26 months ago
It felt wrong choosing which dead singer "must go."
idkwut2use 36 months ago
52%... but yeah, a lot of truly impossible ones where I just couldn’t get rid of any...;;
Runeshaper 53 months ago
71% similar
71% similar to the most popular responses

Interesting picks up there!
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