Play ''I Spy'' with Halloween scenes from classic TV!

I Spy with my little eye a Halloween surprise!

It's time for another round of "I Spy" with classic TV scenes, this time with a spooky Halloween theme!

Scroll through the scenes below and see if you can see what we see in these costume parties and creepy episodes still haunting us from TV history. 

Beware: Only careful readers won't get tricked! Good luck!
  1. Which Halloween icon is haunting this Brady Bunch scene?
  2. In this costume party scene from Charlie's Angels, which costume do you NOT see?
  3. There's a master of TV terror in this shot. Can you pick out which one?
  4. On My Three Sons, which opposing forces do you see at this office Halloween party?
  5. There's a makeshift version of which Halloween icon in this M*A*S*H scene?
  6. In this spooky scene from Gilligan's Island, how many decorative skeleton pieces do you see, counting the full skeleton as one?
  7. Cheers threw costume parties, too. Which classic monster do you see?
  8. At this costume party on ALF, which Halloween icon is NOT pictured?
  9. In this classic Twilight Zone episode, what terror do you see?
  10. On this especially creepy episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker, how many hooded figures do you count (not counting Kolchak)?

Play ''I Spy'' with Halloween scenes from classic TV!

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annabelgoddard 30 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
Congrats, you have escaped the curse of The Dummy.
KatHat 65 months ago
Congrats, you have escaped the curse of The Dummy.......You got 10 out of 10
Terrence 66 months ago
No curse of the dummy on me......................9/10
MrsP58 66 months ago
I got #1-4. Starting with #5, there were no pictures an partial missing answers. That kinda sucks.
CatMomWanda 66 months ago
10/10. I'm not cursed. Thank goodness 😸
MrsPhilHarris 66 months ago
7/10 I shouldn't do these on the phone. Too small.
CatMomWanda MrsPhilHarris 66 months ago
I had to turn it on it's side and wear magnifiers. Some of them I really don't do well on phone.
Jeffrey 66 months ago
You got 10 out of 10 ----------Congrats, you have escaped the curse of The Dummy.
cperrynaples 66 months ago
8/10! A few of those questions were misleading! The person that was identified as a pirate in question 2 looked more like Napoleon, and in question 6, the only clearly skeltoral item was the skeleton! Finally for question 9, Death personified is Nothing In The Dark or perhaps One For The Angels, Haunted mask is The Masks, and Ventriloquist's Dummy could have been Caesar & Me, but it was in fact The Dummy!
Jeffrey cperrynaples 66 months ago
Pick, pick, pick. Is that all you have to do is nit-pick about inconsequential things, that are not even part of the quiz?
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