Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1978?

So many superheroes and super sitcoms!

Are you ready to groove back to 1978? Well, we have a remote control that happens to be a time machine, too. It's was the disco era — which meant seeing ABBA perform live. It was also an era of superheroes, much like today, with Wonder Woman and the big green guy. Space was hot, thanks to Star Wars. Charlie's Angels and Hawaii Five-O were fighting crime.

All of this sounds a lot like today, honestly. 

So let's see what you would watch in this popular era of pop culture. How do your tastes compare to others?
  1. We begin on a Friday night. It's November 24, 8PM. There's a brand new sitcom, a superhero and singing siblings.
  2. We now jump to Friday at 9PM, only it's January 27. What'll it be?
  3. Saturday morning is the greatest morning of them all. What cartoon will you be watching at 9:30AM?
     Image: Warner Bros.
  4. We land on a Saturday in spring at 8PM. Pick something.
  5. Zoom! It's now November 18, still a Saturday, at 8PM. Which option do you fancy?
     Image: Warner Bros. Television
  6. Sunday night is for families. The holidays season is here. It's December 17. Will it be the story of flight… or flying in space?
  7. Back to work on Monday. But now it's 8PM and there is great TV to be seen.
  8. Here were are on a Tuesday, 8PM, on February 7. Which looks best to you?
  9. Hey, hey, it's Hump Day! Wednesday at 8PM, November 15, specifically. Tune in to one of these.
  10. Same exact evening, an hour later. Will you get up to change the channel at 9PM?
  11. Now it is Thursday at 8PM. You looking for laughs, warmth or eerie tales?
     Image: CBS Television Distribution
  12. We finish on a Thursday at 9PM. Choose a crime-solver — dramatic or comedic?

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1978?

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RachelR 8 months ago
Only 54% similar...mostly because I never liked Happy Days. 🤨
WilliamJorns 12 months ago
ABBA wasn't just disco. Their brand of music was often referred to as "Euro-pop," because they were part of the European pop music scene when they debuted in the mid-70's.
scwilson 44 months ago
I was a little kid then and remember the Super hero shows Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk. Happy Days and the Fonz appealed to a seven year old.
LarryMorrill 48 months ago
So quaint - we seldom had all three networks available at a given time. We had to use a motor to turn the antenna on our 40 ft tower to get a given staation.
Gary 48 months ago
Last question I wish I could give them one vote each!!! 5-0, Barney and Quincy tough vote!!
DerekBird 48 months ago
62% similar
62% similar to the most popular responses
Amalthea 48 months ago
I actually remember the TV movie "Bud and Lou". I watched it with my mother.
Runeshaper 58 months ago
82% similar
82% similar to the most popular responses
Amalthea 59 months ago
I actually remember my mother & I watching "Bud & Lou".
WILD 61 months ago
62% similar
62% similar to the most popular responses.
KatHat 68 months ago
I got 62%. Hmmm. not sure if these shows were really on at the same time, I remember watching so many of them and not having to make such a tough choice back then!
MichaelNivens KatHat 58 months ago
Hulk beats Rockford Files - gimme a break -Plus, I liked WKRP ,but I highly doubt It beats Little House-this must be skewed a little for MeTv , if not outright rigged
CruiseGirl4Life 68 months ago
68% I remember tuning into Mork & Mindy just to watch Robin Williams do the dance!
* But jumped the shark with the Mearth episodes. ♣
DMKalish 68 months ago
I know what each of these shows are. Growing up however some I liked some I did not. If you want to watch classic cartoons Cartoon Network shows them just need to check their schedule to find out when they are on. Me-TV does have a good line up. I do wish however they would bring back Emergency, Adam-12 and CHiPs I miss them. I heard another network is starting to show them. I will check that out.
djw1120 DMKalish 65 months ago
I don't know about "CHiPS", but "Adam-12" and "Emergency" are on Monday through Friday on COZI-TV which is a subsidiary of NBC.
MichaelNivens djw1120 58 months ago
I had Cozi , but It went off my lineup
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