Can you guess the TV show just from its bed?

Don't get caught snoozing on this one!

As long as there have been sitcoms, there have been memorable bedroom sets that make us feel right at home with the character we're watching on the screen.

Think you can figure out whose bedroom you wandered into from TV shows that stretched and yawned from the 1950s to the 1980s?

Put your sleeping cap on and get started now!
  1. Which show is this soldier snoozing on?
  2. This makeshift bed had to suit this society man on which show?
  3. The married couple on this early classic show had beds that split:
  4. These beds could only suit the married couple on which show?
     Image: MGM Television
  5. This floral blue bed belonged to the married couple on which show?
  6. The first order of business on this show was to make the bedroom bigger:
  7. This bedroom belonged to a single lady on which show?
  8. This show famously ended when the couple turned in for the night:
  9. On which show did a star make this pull-out couch his permanent situation?
  10. On which show did the boys share these bunk beds?

Can you guess the TV show just from its bed?

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sandman 48 months ago
8/10. Don’t snooze or you’ll lose. Yeah I thought it was a bad pun also.
Tammy 48 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Wake up! Your score is dreamy!
Tammy Tammy 48 months ago
missed #7
Igaveyoumyfakename 59 months ago
8/10. But I missed #1 because it contains an object that does not belong and is therefore misleading: The scene is from the show M*A*S*H which of course takes place during the Korean War from 1950 to 1953. But the comic book the person in the M*A*S*H unit has in bed (Avenger's #60), was not released until January of 1969. A whopping 16 years AFTER the Korean war ended. WTFudge?
Lacey 68 months ago
Missed # 10 as I am sure many of you did.
KatHat Lacey 67 months ago
yep, I thought that was the Brady Bunch Bunk Beds!
MrBill 68 months ago
8/10; missed Diff'rent Strokes (I was thinking the Brady Bunch since two of the boys slept in bunk beds) and The Mary Tyler Moore Show (I was not a fan and did not watch that sitcom).
CatMomWanda 68 months ago
9/10. These photos were very small on phone.
nerakr 68 months ago
8/10. Missed Happy Days and The Munsters. I got the first two not from the bed but from the teddy bear!
Lily & Herman slept in the same bed, together. They were one of the first tv families to do so.
MrsPhilHarris 68 months ago
Missed Diff'rent Strokes. For the home of a millionaire that's a crappy bedroom.
cperrynaples MrsPhilHarris 68 months ago
Yep, I assumed it was Bobby and Peter's bed!
Lacey cperrynaples 68 months ago
Same here
The father is a millionaire. Not the kids.
SheriHeffner 68 months ago
10 out of 10. BTW wasn't Teddy the same bear for Radar and Mister Howell?
harlow1313 SheriHeffner 68 months ago
It is. He was a versatile actor. His Shakespearean soliloquies were not to be missed. Also, he was quite good on Help! ... It's the Hair Bear Bunch! I miss him.
Are you saying that Jim Backus voiced one of the characters from HITHBB? If you are, then you are mistaken, because he did not voice a single one of them.
No, harlow1313 is not saying that. She/he is saying 'Teddy' has done both those things and co-starred on M*A*S*H. 'Teddy' has appeared in many shows, stage plays, and many, many photos.
Jeffrey 68 months ago
You got 8 out of 10 -----Wake up! Your score is dreamy!
stephaniestavropoulos 68 months ago
10/10. The answer for #8, should be THE BOB NEWHART SHOW, not NEWHART. I recognize those lamps, #1, and #2, that looks like Suzanne Pleshette in bed, not Mary Frann {the woman in bed looks like a brunette: SP, MF is a blonde}
I think that was the last Newhart show and he was in bed and told something like "I had the strangest dream I lived in another place and I had another wife." and Suzanne was Emily and she said something like "Go back to sleep Bob."
I can't believe you've never seen the finale of Newhart. It's the greatest series finale of all time.
cperrynaples SheriHeffner 68 months ago
No, she said it was the last time Bob would eat Chinese food before going to sleep!!
What makes you think I haven't seen it? Also, it's not the greatest finale of all time, if you don't like the show!
Don rycki1138 68 months ago
It wasn't the greatest. In fact:
1)I used the idiotic "It was all just a dream" plot line.
2)In the final "The Bob Newhart Show" episode, Bob Hartley quit his practice, and he and Emily moved to Oregon!
Don Don 68 months ago
I meant to write "It (etc)." Sorry about how the error.
CatMomWanda rycki1138 68 months ago
I'm not sure what is the greatest, everyone has their own favs, but I thought this one was fun. I still enjoy watching this show. Just simple. No stress TV watching.
Dicazi 68 months ago
Who slept on a couch all the time on Happy Days?
Vee Dicazi 68 months ago
cperrynaples Vee 68 months ago
Yep, that was his apartment on top of the Cunningham garage!
stephaniestavropoulos Vee 68 months ago
Two other retro tv family characters also slept on the couch: JJ & Michael Evans on Good Times. There were only two bedrooms, which meant that Florida and James had one & the other belonged to Thelma.
AndrewHass 68 months ago
I was 10/10 but IMO it was an easy quiz.
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