Pick your favorite phony caption for these funny Adam-12 moments

Have a laugh with these classic TV buddy cops.

Though the main theme of Adam-12 was showing police procedures as realistically as possible, that didn’t always mean it had to be serious. Just like in real life, the officers on the show had to deal with some hilarious and outlandish situations.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled eight stills from different moments in the series and written fake captions for each one. Choose which caption you like best, there are no wrong answers! It’s a poll, so you can see how popular your choices are compared to everyone else.

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Pick your favorite phony caption for these funny Adam-12 moments

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Dario 6 days ago
66% similar. Interesting. 😁😁😁😁😁
UnicornPrincess 10 days ago
66% similar... LOVE these MST3K-esque polls.
Oooo, I wouldn't mind seeing that show on MeTV. Possibly a Red Eye Sci-Fi show.
Utzaake 11 days ago
32% similar. That seems nice and low enough.
Moverfan 11 days ago
#3--"No, guys, 'Wagon Train' was cancelled years ago! "
DavidBarker 11 days ago
73% similar
73% similar to the most popular responses
Jeffrey 12 days ago
''45% similar'' -------------45% similar to the most popular responses.
daDoctah 12 days ago
The picture for number 8 reminded me that someone once started a Dragnet set-design blog called "Everyone Nods". The blog shows stills from each episode in order and makes cracks about the same lamp showing up in every witness's apartment, Jack Webb's conception of how hippies actually dress, etc.

Unfortunately the writer got bored and stopped posting before getting to season four, but you can revisit all the fun for what they did get just by Googling "Everyone Nods: The Dragnet Style Files".
DaveLewandoski 13 days ago
#2..."And you wonder why I don't let you drive"
HectorV 13 days ago
In a perfect world, the whole police force in L.A. and in the whole USA for that matter should be like Officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed. And yeah, I only got a 53% similar.
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