Pick your favorite characters from The Waltons

Do you like Grandpa or Grandma more? John-Boy or Jason?

Classic TV favorite The Waltons offers plenty of things to like. There’s the idyllic, country setting, the timeless life lessons and, of course, the delightful characters.

But which characters are your favorite? Pick which family member or neighbor you like the most and see if other people agreed with you!

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  1. If you had to choose, do you like Grandma Esther or Grandpa Zeb more?
  2. If they were your parents, would you like John or Olivia more?
  3. Which older brother do you like better – John-Boy or Jason?
  4. Which sister do you like the most – Mary Ellen, Erin or Elizabeth?
  5. Which younger brother do you like better – Ben or Jim-Bob?
  6. Do you like Mamie or Emily Baldwin more?
  7. Which "Matthew" do you like better – Dr. Matthew Vance or Reverend Matthew Fordwick?
  8. Do you like storeowner Ike Godsey or his wife Corabeth more?
  9. Mary Ellen got engaged to Dr. David Spencer but broke it off to marry Dr. Curtis Willard. Who do you like better?
  10. Who do you like more, Ben's wife, Cindy, or Toni, Jason’s wife?
  11. Both were known to lay down the law from time to time. Do you like Sheriff Ep Bridges or Olivia's cousin Rose more?
  12. Which pet do you like the most – Blue the mule, Reckless the dog or Chance the cow?

Pick your favorite characters from The Waltons

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CouchPotato987 5 days ago
Never watched the Waltons, I had to just pick an answer. Lol
JewelsChuck 9 days ago
I picked John the father because I don’t have mine and I thought he was a great dad.
righteousness73 10 days ago
I loved them all acrually
mtm righteousness73 10 days ago
yeah, me too....probably Mary Ellen a little bit more though
japta123 mtm 9 days ago
Too Bossy
Pilaf 10 days ago
Ike Godsey's haircut was ridiculous!
Tommygunz 10 days ago
75% picked Olivia (mom) just because I thought she was very beautiful, and how can you not pick John Ritter? from the Waltons to Three’s Company, great actor.
mtm Tommygunz 10 days ago
michael learned WAS truly beautiful
Hogansucks1 11 days ago
Olivia’s cousin Rose to me was another Mrs. Kravit’s from Bewitched.😂
Hogansucks1 11 days ago
I get it- 77% here, but as in real life, some of the choices - their is no choice!! Some things and some people just cannot be singled- out. 🙃 🤔
ETristanBooth 11 days ago
60% similar. Apparently some people don't like cousin Rose. I didn't care for her grandchildren, but I always liked Rose and Mr. Perkins (the great William Schallert).
DJS3 11 days ago
It's odd how nobody remembers the black sheep of the Walton family. I distinctly recall one episode when ol' uncle Sam from Arkansas paid a visit and tried to buy the general store from Ike Godsey with illicit funds he earned from running moonshine. He was very adamant about his dream of having general stores in almost every city in the world, all with his name emblazoned upon them. When Ike wouldn't sell the store and all of his Virginian clan laughed at his seemingly impossible dream, he wasn't deterred. The episode ended with Sam vowing to never return to Walton's Mountain or speak to any of them again. He rode off shaking his fist saying "You'll see! You'll all see! In almost every town! ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TOWN!!!" Most of the townsfolk forgot about him and the Waltons went back to milling wood and canning fruits & vegetables and gathering around the old Edison in their parlor every night to listen to radio shows, not really ever paying much mind to ol' crazy uncle Sam from Arkansas ever again.

I wonder what ever became of him.
TheDavBow3 11 days ago
You've got to be kidding! 😂 Sorry Waltons fans 😉
MLeale57 12 days ago
I just love The waltons! I know they're all reruns but that doesn't matter to me! I will watch them over and over and over and over and over again! Wonderful acting.
Big3Fan 12 days ago
69% I'm headed to the Dew Drop Inn with Yancy to drown my sorrows.
GeoRubik Big3Fan 11 days ago
Tacoffman 12 days ago
I watch reruns every day. It's the only decent thing on television today. Example of how family life should be. Reminds me of my childhood.
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