Can you ace this true or false quiz about The Waltons?

Only the biggest fans can get all 16 of these questions right!

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The Waltons was a surprise hit when it premiered in 1972. Millions of people tuned in every week to watch what happened next to John-Boy and his family. Were you one of those people?

Maybe you found the show through reruns or the later reunion movies. Either way, only true fans can get every single question of this true or false quiz right. Think you can ace it? Try it out and see!

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  1. The Walton family lives on Walton's Mountain.
  2. There are six Walton children.
  3. All the Walton boys sleep in one room.
  4. Grandpa Zeb and Grandma Esther are John Walton's parents.
  5. The Waltons takes place in North Carolina.
  6. The Waltons ran for nine seasons.
  7. Jason is the musician in the family, often playing guitar and singing on the show.
  8. Olivia is the youngest Walton daughter.
  9. The Waltons takes place at the turn of the century leading into World War One.
  10. Each episode begins and ends with narration provided by Grandpa Zeb played by Will Geer.
  11. The Baldwin sisters brew their father's secret recipe which is really just moonshine.
  12. The Baldwin sisters are distantly related to the Walton family.
  13. Ben is the youngest Walton son.
  14. The first episode of the show was filmed in the Blue Ridge Mountains but the rest of the series was made in Southern California.
  15. The Walton's dog was named Rebel.
  16. There were no less than six reunion movies made after the show ended.

Can you ace this true or false quiz about The Waltons?

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joebob 29 months ago
16/16.........if all my test was this easy in school i would have stayed longer!!!
Newyorkcitygal 31 months ago
I just started watching reruns of the Walton's. Loved that show as a child.
BuddyHinton 32 months ago
I’m going to claim I got 16/16. Question #14 was obviously a trick question. Because it COULD have easily been filmed 1st on location & then all the others on the backlot in Southern Cal. Come ON guys! 🙄
KE5ZZO BuddyHinton 32 months ago
No trick question quiz was about series not the pilot same thing a quiz on gilligans island series - California lot
Pilot - hawaii
BuddyHinton KE5ZZO 32 months ago
I wasn’t talking about the pilot episode. what do you do, troll the MeTV quizzes boards to jump in people that state rational possibilities? 😂 It’s a TV TRIVIA QUIZZ doofus, it’s not the $64,000 question. 🙄 Which was an excellent quiz show btw. 👍🏻
BuddyHinton KE5ZZO 32 months ago
& what does Gilligans island have to do with anything? 😂
KE5ZZO BuddyHinton 32 months ago
Read the title of the quiz does it say pilot???? No so it’s about the series! The gilligans island reference was to show you that the pilot can be shot at a different location than the series. So if a quiz was about gilligans island any normal person would answer califoynot Hawaii because the quiz was not about the pilot
BuddyHinton KE5ZZO 31 months ago
There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with you Sir. I never said it was the pilot episode. You did. 😂 what sort of unhinged nutjobs attacks a total stranger on a MeTV quiz on The Walton’s for Gods sake; & then uses a vulgar curse word online ? MeTV is a family company with family values. Shame on you. Consider yourself reported until your forced to take your angry vulgar comment down. 💪🏻🇺🇸💪🏻
JewelsChuck 32 months ago
14/16... I should know it was done entirely in California and on the Universal lot you can see the mountain they used. Just a small bit of knowledge that I know.
Venoris 32 months ago
I watched the Walton series as a child luv!!!
kimmer 32 months ago
12/16......great trivia for a show I adore
AMEE 32 months ago
number one is actually wrong. They lived in a town called Waltons Mountain, Va but they actually did not live on the Mountain its self. . Almost every episode someone is going to go and do something "up on the mountain". Grand Pa went up on the mountain to think and be close to god. John was building Olivia A New House up on the mountain. Mary Ellen would go up on the Mountain to see her patients.
John Boy went up to the old homestead to write.
Craigg 32 months ago
You got 14 out of 16
Did you know this quiz like you're part of the family?
MaryH 32 months ago
I got 15 out of 16 correct.
mtm MaryH 32 months ago
good night MaryH!
Jimbo 32 months ago
That was fun accidentally missed one..13 out of 16 ..not bad
.Love this show.🤗
VickieCook1417 32 months ago
Well I got 16/16. Have to admit I was and still are a big Waltons fan. Grandpa Walton reminds me of my beautiful, funny, loving grandfather.
jwinnett1 32 months ago
16/16 Being from Virginia, The Waltons was gospel around the house.
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