Can you tell the difference between the first season and the last season of The Waltons?

Did these events happen in season 1 or season 9?


Over its nine seasons, the beloved family drama The Waltons went through many changes. Cast members came and went, and the storylines evolved with the ages of the children. The first season was set squarely in the Depression, while the last season saw the end of World War II.

How well do you know the beginning and the end of this classic show? Try to guess which season these 12 questions pertain to — season one or season nine?

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  1. Actor Robert Wightman played John-Boy during which season?
  2. A meteorite crashes into the Baldwin sisters' house in this season.
  3. Jim-Bob turns a car into a "hot rod" in this season.
  4. This season ends with a party thrown by the Baldwin sisters.
  5. Elizabeth takes care of a sick raccoon named Pete in this season.
  6. Olivia's cousin, Rose, appears in many episodes of this season.
  7. Sissy Spacek guest stars in an episode of this season.
  8. Elizabeth likes a boy named Drew in this season.
  9. A traveling carnival comes to Walton's Mountain in an episode of this season.
  10. Olivia is bedridden with polio during this season.
  11. Jennifer Jason Leigh guest stars in an episode of this season.
  12. A new minister, Reverend Tom Marshall, comes to town and helps renovate the church in which season?

Can you tell the difference between the first season and the last season of The Waltons?

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Se7en 45 months ago

Just Now
John Walmsley always hated himself for not having a fabulous mole like Richard Thomas .. He said that he and Thomas would go to the club's and as soon as they walked in Thomas would start pointing at the mole on his face and women would swoon .. We now all know that his wonderful mole was milk producing that the cast of The Waltons would all crowd around to suckle the wonderful life giving milk it produced .. Sometimes it would turn into an actual fist fight over who would suckle the last drop of that brownish yellow elixir .. The Grandpa (Will Geer) always insisted on chewing the course hair that grew from its center ..Thomas was asked several times in interviews why he didn't just cut or pluck the hair ..and he always replied that he tried a few times but it "hurt my inners"The cast member that was actually addicted to that warm frothy pungent juice was Ellen Corby..the grandma .. See if you noticed her head is extremely small for her body and doctors have said that she suckle so much and so hard that she actually sucked her own head small ... In the end Walmsley sought help for his self loathing over being moleless and became a booger eating spaz

daDoctah 46 months ago
4/12. A lot better than I expected, considering I never watched the show.
KellyShort 46 months ago
You got 7 out of 12
all guesses never saw the show
Wiseguy 46 months ago
This isn't really a quiz about the difference between two seasons of The Waltons, but rather which season a certain event happened (as the quiz' subtitle suggests). A question fit for the actual title of the quiz would be which season had the theme song of more than a minute long?
kimmer 46 months ago
10\12....Great show....raised many foster kids to watch it and to get a sense of what family can mean...morals and values.
Tommygunz 47 months ago
12/12 love the show and it’s to bad they don’t make shows like this anymore, I guess if they did
today’s spoiled generation would just laugh at it.
wmalton67 47 months ago
I got 12 out of 12. Grew up watching The Waltons and I still watch it when I can. Too bad people don't show the love and respect like they used to.
JewelsChuck 47 months ago
The first question was baby food, totally obvious! 🤣
JewelsChuck 47 months ago
12/12 and the picture that shows is the one that Jason writes a song to Grandma doing her ironing and it wins him first prize.
TheDavBow3 47 months ago
I'll just save myself a little time and pain by just answering "NO" to the title of this this quiz.
UTZAAKE 47 months ago
11/12. #9. Not bad, considering I've never watched an episode in its entirety.
Big3Fan 47 months ago
11/12 I missed number 4. Good night, MeTV.
TexasGreek 47 months ago
You got 8 out of 12
moax429 TexasGreek 46 months ago
Me, too. Many were pure guesses since I didn't watch "The Waltons" all that much. But when I did it was enjoyable.
Stoney 47 months ago
10 for 12. A whole lot of guessing
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