PICK: Which albums would you buy in 1983?

Are you "Burning Down the House" or are you on the side of the Police?


You dig music. It's 1983. The options are overwhelming.

The good news is that plenty of classic records are being released. The bad news is that you only have the allowance to purchase one record per month. 

Below you will find some of the best-selling and critically adored albums from that year. These albums spawned hit singles and continue to rack up acclaim and sales 40 years later. 

Pick the one album you would most want to hear. And see how your tastes compare to others. Have fun!
  1. In January, do you "Love L.A.," will you "Cut Like a Knife," or are you "Foolin'"?
  2. In February, will you celebrate "New Year's Day," go your "Separate Ways"… or listen to some smooth sax?
  3. In March, will you opt for "Sharp Dressed Man," "Cum on Feel the Noize" or stay "True"?
  4. In April, are you tuning into "Radio Free Europe," declaring "What a Feeling," or falling in "Modern Love"?
  5. In May, is your mood more "One Thing Leads to Another," "My Bologna" or a "Blue Monday"?
  6. In June, will you "Stand Back," be "Burning Down the House," or savor "Every Breath You Take"?
  7. In July, do you want to crimp your bangs or bang your head?
  8. In August, will you "Rockit," go synth-pop or rock out?
  9. In September, will you be sampling some "Red Red Wine" or do you "Want a New Drug"?
  10. In October, will you be dancing "All Night Long," buying "Pink Houses," or biding your "Time After Time"?
  11. In November, will you own a "Lonely Heart," sing along to the "Rain Again," or give a "Rebel Yell"?
  12. Finally, in December, will you "Bark at the Moon," do "The Reflex," or wear your "Sunglasses at Night"?

PICK: Which albums would you buy in 1983?

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IndianaRockz 5 months ago
60% similar

I WISH it could be 1983.
Ronsworld69 14 months ago
34 % similar, so nothing has changed. I didn't like the same pop schlop as anyone then or now.
TonyClifton 23 months ago
69% similar. Which is appropriate, seeing as how I did a lot of that in 1983.
MaryAnn 47 months ago
I actually owned every one of the albums I selected here on cassette, which was kind of the thing in 1983.
Runeshaper 58 months ago
63% similar
63% similar to the most popular responses

Great albums for sure!
WILD 61 months ago
54% similar
54% similar to the most popular responses.
Being the Metalhead that I am, I really didn't expect the mainstream to agree with my choices
FOR THE RECORD (no pun intended), FOR 1983 THE AC/DC album is ned **FLICK** of the Switch, NOT "FLIP THE SWITCH". If you're doing a "poll" or quizzing us like this, then get your facts and the names correct.
Vozpit WILD 61 months ago
Exactly. I mean, you got the cover image. The title is clearly on it. How could you fail?
jomo 61 months ago
Horrible choices! So many I wouldn't buy at all
Amalthea 69 months ago
Every month was pretty easy to choose, except for July (don't like any of them) and October (I love ALL of them).
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