Pick: What's your favorite Halloween episode?

Which spooky episode is the ultimate?

When it comes to TV, is there really anything better than a Halloween episode? Sure, season premieres are fun and Christmas specials always tug at the heartstrings. But the Halloween episode takes the cake. Whether the storyline just takes a spooky turn or you get to watch your favorite characters in costumes, what's not to love. 

Now's the time to make your voice heard. What's the ultimate Halloween episode? Cast your vote below!
  1. What is your favorite Halloween episode?

Pick: What's your favorite Halloween episode?

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Ariesmale44 6 months ago
I liked The Trick Or Treat episode of Roseanne
Snickers 27 months ago
Green Acres episode " The Ballet of Molly Sturgess"
DeborahRoberts 34 months ago
Of these, definitely "The Andy Griffith Show." But though it's not a Me-TV kinda show, I have to give the original "Roseanne" credit for always doing excellent Halloween-themed episodes. I've rarely watched modern comedies, but that series was a guilty pleasure and they took Halloween to a new level.
francolaguna1 43 months ago
Elvira Mistress of the Dark's annual Halloween show! My childhood was awesome!
idkwut2use 57 months ago
Definitely The Honeymooners! Then probably Cheers.
Tresix 69 months ago
Surprised no "Treehouse of Horror" eps from "The Simpsons". Especially the one that lampoons "The Shining". Heck, there were actually moments in that that I found more frightening than anything in the actual movie!
Mikeluvme 69 months ago
Dick Van Dyke Show - "Ghost of A. Chantz". The creepiest and funniest! Scariest tv show episode ever? Thriller - "Pigeons from Hell".
daDoctah 69 months ago
Best Halloween episodes, year after year, were on the original "Roseanne". You could even skip the rest of the series as long as you got to see what foolishness the Connors got up to in October.
kenroar 69 months ago
#1) The Munster's episode, Munster Masquerade, September 24, 1964
#2) The Bewitched episode, The Sane and Safe Halloween – 1967 (Episode 115, Season 4)
copax7 69 months ago
Bewitched - "Trick or Treat" (1965) where Darrin is slowly turned into a werewolf by Endora to teach him a lesson about bigotry against witches! Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Agnes Moorehead and the supporting players all put in terrific performances, with expert comic timing and heartfelt dramatic scenes in the mix. Dick York's playing Darrin resisting the werewolf's impulses is classic.
MrBill 69 months ago
My favorite is "Home Improvement" season 2 where a Halloween Party is thrown for Brad.
BarbaraJeanne 69 months ago
A none of the above choice. Yeah!. That's what I picked.
To me, Roseanne had consistently great Halloween episodes. Looked forward to them every year.
Also, the Everybody Loves Raymond where Frank dresses as his Young Frankenstein character was a classic.
ArthurADeLuca 69 months ago
Before Tales From The Darkside began as a TV series, the pilot episode (Trick or Treat) ran in syndication on Hallowen night on WLVI ch 56 Boston. The ending was slighly different. Intead of the usual closing credit background sequence, the credits ran of the graveyard close-up of the old man's tombstone. Anyone know if that version exists anywhere?
Renluv 69 months ago
Any Home Improvement Halloween episode is better than the above, or the Everybody Loves Raymond episode where Peter Boyle reprises his YoungFrankenstein character. totally unexpected.
Jeff 69 months ago
Any of the old Roseanne shows Halloween episodes
ArthurADeLuca 69 months ago
My favorite Halloween episode is a Route 66 episode entitled "Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing." I watched it again on DVD last night, exactly 56 years to the day when it originally aired. The guest stars were Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre. During the story Lon Chaney dressed up as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Mummy and of course the Wolf Man. Boris Karloff dressed up in the Frankenstein's Monster makeup for the last time. Peter Lorre was just Peter Lorre no matter what he dressed up as. The plot concerned the 3 of them deciding to set up a film company to make new classic horror films, but there was a disagreement as to whether or not the old monsters could still scare the then-modern audiences. To resolve this, the trio dressed up and snuck around the Chicago O'Hare Airport Hotel during a secretaries' convention, creating havoc. Yes it was a humorous episode. Many of your MeTV viewers have probably never seen this classic of TV, but to an old monster kid (67 years old) who grew up on & loved the old Universal classics, this Halloween episode wlll never be topped!!! P.S. among the cast of secretaries were Betsy Jones-Moreland (a frequent actress in the old Roger Corman films) and Jeannine Riley, one of the original daughters in Petticioat Junction. Her role was the most pivotal one to the plot.
Washington 69 months ago
C'mon. You don't list Gilligan's Island "Up at Bat?
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