Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1988?

Would you tune in for ALF, Pee-wee, Balki or Matlock?

In March of 1988, the Writers Guild of America went on strike for nearly half a year. This had a profound effect on television, as the fall premieres for shows were delayed, and new productions were scratched. Networks turned to old ideas (like Mission: Impossible) for new shows.

But this is not to say that network television was a wasteland in 1988. Far from it. Looking over the schedule for that year, you can find dozens of beloved series that continue to fuel reruns and reboots today. There was even a new player — Fox — getting off the ground on Sunday nights in its second year. 

So, the big question is — what would watch if you held the remote in 1988? Here are some interesting matchups in the lineup. See how your selections rate against the others!
  1. It's Sunday night, 8PM, and now there are four options. Pick one.
    Image: CBS Television Distribution
  2. Before football kicks off, what would you watch on Mondays at 8PM?
  3. It's now Tuesday at 8PM. Are you looking for laughs or mysteries — both fictional and real?
  4. It's Hump Day, Wednesday at 9PM. Would you like a dose of nostalgia, action or legal yuks?
    Image: 20th Television
  5. In the summertime, it may be nice out, but it's also "Must-See TV" on NBC, Thursday at 9PM. Or is it?
  6. It wasn't just ABC saying "TGIF" on Fridays at 8PM. Sci-fi fans had some cult favorites, too. Image: Warner Bros. Television
  7. Before playing a ton of Nintendo, pick something to get your Saturday morning started at 10AM.
    Image: CBS Television Distribution
  8. What's on the tube on a hot Saturday at 9PM?
  9. Finally, it's a weekday. Better yet, it's a national holiday. After sleeping in, turn on the TV for something at 11AM. Image: CBS

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1988?

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idkwut2use 9 months ago
74-81% depending on my mood ^p^
WandaBaker 9 months ago
Wow, I am an oddball...44% similar.
ttenchantr 9 months ago
I have no idea what Ohara was, but anything would be better than the Golden Girls.
Runeshaper 26 months ago
66% similar
66% similar to the most popular responses
Amalthea 32 months ago
(35%) #6 just about killed me; I loved all 3 of those shows! I had the hardest time deciding, but went for "Beauty & the Beast".
ndebrabant 32 months ago

56% similar
56% similar to the most popular responses
RedSamRackham ndebrabant 9 months ago
* Sometimes I went with least of 3 evils choice! ☺
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