Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1982?

Are you in the mood for Happy Days and Cheers?

Through the power of time travel, we have arrived in the year 1982. It is the birth year of E.T. and Ms. Pac-Man. It also happens to be the year that several classic television shows made their debut.

But which would you most want to watch?

Here are some options from the television schedule that year. What would you watch in 1982? See how your picks compare to others!

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  1. We arrive on October 3, 1982. It's a Sunday at 7pm. Aptly, there is a new show about time travel on! What would you watch?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  2. Jump to Sunday, September 26, at 8pm. There are two more premieres.
    Image: NBCUniversal
  3. We skip to Monday at 8pm. Are you looking for high-school comedy, reality or pioneer drama?
  4. Here are the options for November 8, a Monday at 9pm. What appeals to you?
  5. We zip now to March 2, a Tuesday. It's 8pm. What are you watching?
  6. Our calendar hopping continues… to February 17, 8pm. Let's watch something!
  7. Same day of the week, Wednesday, only now it is November 17, 9pm. The networks offer…
  8. We zap over to another historic premiere night. It's September 30, Thursday, at 9pm.
  9. It is now Friday at 8pm. Are you in the mood for aliens, car chases or political humor?
  10. Let's jump a day ahead to Saturday. It's 8am in the morning, and we're in the mood for cartoons. Pick one.
    Image: Warner Bros.
  11. Still Saturday, October 2, only now it is 8pm. What are you watching?
  12. One more pick. Which of the following late-night events would want to see the most?
    Image: NBC

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1982?

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kimmer 6 days ago
56%....hmmmm?.....I was working and married....who had that much time...????
corie 17 days ago
82 similar I can only remember the ones I enjoyed the most.
nightshade 18 days ago
i was a kid in those days but i watched things at different times .... like if one was a rerun id watch something else .......
John2863 22 days ago
Everyone should be watching Superfriends
richierichh 24 days ago
Every thing is great entertainment, all the late night shows are all too political anti Trump for most people. who voted for him. They don’t watch them, boycott their advertisers and can’t wait to vote for him again MAGA
Mom1961 25 days ago
21% similar. This brings back memories, how crappy TV shows were in the 80s, I don't recall watching most of these shows and just picked the ones that I remember being less awful:(.
clg1960 25 days ago
I would love to see China Beach again!
HockeyMike 25 days ago
My score wasn`t high because They left out some pretty good shows of 1982 that I watched more than the ones they listed...
Hill Street Blues
Three`s Company
Barney Miller
Gong Show
Family Ties
St. Elsewhere
Knots Landing
Yeah, your post pretty much sums it up. No NEWHART? No HILL STREET? If MeTV is gonna continue to do these polls there should be a NONE OF THE ABOVE option.
jacko3 26 days ago
I miss HOGAN'S HEROES ... in the Ocean State ( too much news shows that block it)- wish ME TV could offer it to alternative channel - Thanks!
MichaelSkaggs 26 days ago
I'm still hoping "Knight Rider" will be on the Me-TV schedule one day.
tadlem 26 days ago
SNL USED to be fun to watch. Not so much anymore. Haven't watched it in years.
BobD tadlem 26 days ago
SNL hasn't been funny since the early 90's!
JoeGuenther BobD 26 days ago
I so agree. Back than the cast was so good the host wasn't shoehorned into awful skits. Remember Shatner at a faux convention where he tells a bunch of Trekkies to "Get a Life." Look it up it's on you tube.
Utzaake 26 days ago
34% similar. That looks like a good number.
12. The most memorable sketch from that SNL episode had Eddie Murphy as a death row inmate who attempted to delay his execution with a final request of hearing Johnny Cash casually sing the uncut version of "99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall" which was actually "999,999 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall." The telegram from the governor that arrived just as Cash ended the song was first thought to be a stay of execution, but turned out not to be.
MikeElias 26 days ago
I'm so glad The Powers of Matthew Star is on Me TV now. I would love for Voyagers to air on Me TV also.
JoeGuenther MikeElias 26 days ago
The other show Jon Eric Blank pistol starred before he died.
Do you hear the silence?
Dale 26 days ago
Is it really fair of MeTV to pit a 30 minute sitcom against a one hour show or a 2 hour movie? If I'm going to watch something and only 3 channels are available, I want to see what's on for whatever the longest show/movie is. If you have a movie compete against a 1 hour show, show 2 hours of shows that are on at the same time.
Question 11 is a perfect example of what I mean. There's a 2 hour movie competing with a 1 hour cop drama and a 30 minute sitcom. Show WHAT ELSE is on for that 2 hour period for a better competition.
Wiseguy Dale 26 days ago
Nobody is going to watch two hours of programming just because the competition is showing a two-hour movie. You make your decision of what to watch then watch it. If your choice is a half-hour sitcom, then that's all you have to watch.
JoeGuenther Dale 26 days ago
I remember watching WKRP and flipping channels. I caught Simon & Simon early episodes on CBS Late Night
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