Only real fans will score 10/10 on this Blues Brothers quiz

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When you find the movie you love, you gotta hold onto them and never let them go. The use of unnecessary trivia force in the completion of this Blues Brothers quiz HAS been approved. So, how well do you recall the brothers Blues?

Jake and Elwood. Together, they're more Chicago than a hotdog dragged through Wrigley Field. With more action than you can shake a stick at, The Blues Brothers remains one of the best-loved comedy movies of all time. It's indelibly quotable and maintains its status as a cult favorite that will stop any channel surfer dead in their tracks.

So give this quiz a shot to see just how well you can remember the details from The Blues Brothers! Even if you come up short, well it just means you're due for another viewing! 

  1. So, which brother is played by John Belushi?
  2. At which prison does our story begin?
  3. Who plays the mystery woman, Jake's old fiancée, who keeps trying to kill the Blues Brothers?
  4. Who directed The Blues Brothers?
  5. How many cars were wrecked in the course of production?
  6. What is the make and model of the Bluesmobile?
  7. What movie kept The Blues Brothers out of that top box office spot the weekend it premiered? (Hint: June, 1980)
  8. Which classic TV theme is NOT featured in The Blues Brothers?
  9. Which Blues Brother plays harmonica?
  10. Who joined Dan Ackroyd in Blues Brothers 2000 as "Mighty" Mack McTeer?

Only real fans will score 10/10 on this Blues Brothers quiz

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