Only real fans will ace this Andy Griffith Show season 4 quiz

Here's hoping you pass with flying colors!

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If you're already a high scorer on our other Andy Griffith quizzes, then you know exactly what to do. If not, well don't start with season four! Go back and do the other ones first!

Ok, so... Season four. We're still in black & white. Gomer's still on the show, and so is Barney. This is classic Griffith, so you better know your stuff! We're going to ask you some questions about what happened in certain episodes. Your job is to answer them from the multiple choices we present. Got it? Good! Be sure to share your score in the comments section below!

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  1. Andy, Barney and Gomer retrieve a baseball from a spooky old house. What's the name of this haunted abode?
  2. Aunt Bee is first proposed to, and then kidnapped, by which of the following?
  3. Rance Howard appears as a Treasury Agent concerned about transporting what through Mayberry?
  4. What is the name of Barney's landlady?
  5. In "Opie and His Merry Men," the neighborhood kids steal food for a hobo played by which actor?
  6. Who gets stuck, and then prematurely unstuck, in a mine with Andy?
  7. When Andy and Barney are about to evict a farmer to make room for a new highway, who leads a protest against them?
  8. Who replaces Barney in the town choir, much to Barney's discontent?
  9. Which character makes a triumphant return in "Andy Saves Gomer," after a real-life health scare in season 3?
  10. In the season's last episode, Gomer enlists in the Marine Corps and meets Sergeant _________.

Only real fans will ace this Andy Griffith Show season 4 quiz

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