How well do you recall The Andy Griffith Show season 2?

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The 1961-1962 television schedule included the second season of the popular series The Andy Griffith Show. The program's principal cast returned, further familiarizing viewers with Mayberry and its citizens.

A key difference is the way Griffith played his character, Sherriff Andy Taylor. As the show continued, Andy Taylor became more sophisticated and less of a country bumpkin. Taylor became more like an Abraham Lincoln-style figure. His foibles shifted too; with Sherriff Andy as the voice of reason, the show relied on supporting characters for conflict. 

Let's see what you remember from that second season of The Andy Griffith Show. Maybe it's your favorite! Or, maybe your score will have you say "Oops, I better rewatch that second season!" Either way, we're just here for fun, so don't sweat the ones you don't know. Thanks for playing along!

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  1. Barney fears he's going to be replaced as deputy by which kind of government official?
  2. Barney has a fight with Thelma Lou, and finds a new girlfriend who is really which of the following?
  3. Opie befriends a hobo played by which classic TV actor?
  4. Thelma Lou's cousin Karen surprises Andy by besting him at which of the following?
  5. Aunt Bee falls for a handyman who ends up moving in. What's the handyman's name?
  6. Andy and Barney get invited to the posh Esquire Club, located where?
  7. Who plays the manicurist that sets up shop at Floyd's?
  8. In "A Medal for Opie," Opie must learn about sportsmanship after he comes last in what kind of contest?
  9. Which kind of criminal is chosen as the guest of honor at the Mayberry Founder's Day celebration?
  10. With the jailhouse full, Otis is sent where to serve time?

How well do you recall The Andy Griffith Show season 2?

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