Who said it: Gomer or Goober?

It's a pile of Pyles!


It's a Mayberry quote-off as these cousins battle head-to-head to see which one is better remembered. Two contenders vying for your memory.

Gomer came first, but then there was Goober. How well do you remember these two? We'll give you a quote, and then it's your job to tell us who said it! Be sure to share your thoughts and your score in the comments section below! 

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  1. "I love picnics. Speaking of picnics, you remember that movie 'Picnic'? Cary Grant sure was good in that movie."
  2. "You're breakin' the law, and so I, as a responsible person, need to arrest you! Citizen's arrest! Citizen's arrest!"
  3. "You don't think they're too porous, do you? I'd hate for my leg hairs to poke through!"
  4. "You know that's not as stupid as it looks, readin' a day-old paper. I do it myself sometimes - kinda gives you a sense of power, don't it? I mean knowing how everything's gonna come out."
  5. "Boob? Why that's an insult in the face of the public!"
  6. "Oh! Well, when I get married, I'm gonna marry exactly the same kinda woman I am. That ain't gonna be easy to find, ya know."
  7. "An employee ought to have a vacation every now and then. To fish and rest. I don't wanna burn myself out. I 'member my daddy tellin' me a person's only got one body, and he was right, too."
  8. "I'd be happy to look at your motor. I'm sure it's a sight to behold, but I don't know nothin'..."
  9. "Gilly, you can't drive a car fast all the time - you gotta take her slow every now and then!"
  10. "Didn't want you to say later on we'd overcharged you."

Who said it: Gomer or Goober?

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TKMProPlayer 10 months ago
When is Gomer Pyle coming back to MeTV's schedule?? Please at least give us one episode per day or even per week! It was replaced by The Beverly Hillbillies and that show airs multiple times, both weekdays and weekends! Let's be fair to this iconic show with two of the great comedic duos, just like Barney and Andy (Don Knotts and Andy Griffith), the great Frank Sutton and Jim Nabors! Really miss this great show!
theoIV 11 months ago
Shazam! Citizens arrest!, citizens arrest! Barney you can't do that! #3 got me..
Toot1956 11 months ago
8/10 Say hey to Cousin Goober!!!
kcirceo 11 months ago
10/10. Now you know what I'm gonna do? Go down to the filling station and get me a bottle of pop. Go home. Take a nap. Then head over to Thelma Lou's and watch some TV.
JohnGrant 11 months ago
Think I'll take my car down to the fillin station and have Gomer and Goober look at the motor
jholton30062 11 months ago
10/10. Haven't had one of those in a while...
Calhoun1959 11 months ago
My cousin Goober is ugly but he’s not stupid
jholton30062 Calhoun1959 11 months ago
Maybe my favorite line in the series.
VernCaldwell 11 months ago
10/10 Admittedly some were slight guesses but te phrasing and in a couple cases, names gave it away.
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