Only a true fan of 'The Brady Bunch' can get an 8/10 or higher on this quiz

How well do you know the Bradys?

The Brady Bunch is one of those shows with tons of classic moments. Who could forget when Bobby and Cindy went missing at the Grand Canyon? Or when Jan bought a black curly wig to set herself apart from her sister?

After running for more than 40 years in syndication, generations of us know all about Mike, Carol and their six children. 

We've seen the show. We know the theme song by heart. But are we experts? 

Let's test our knowledge with this quiz. Only the true fans of the show will get an 8/10 or higher! Good luck.
  1. What is Alice's last name?
  2. How many seasons did the show last?
  3. In what season does the family go to Hawaii?
  4. In how many episodes did Cousin Oliver appear on the show?
  5. What's the name of Greg's rock star alter ego?
  6. What's this guy's name?
  7. Who got the attic bedroom?
  8. What taunt does Buddy Hinton tell Cindy in "A Fistful of Reasons"?
  9. In "Where There's Smoke," Greg gets caught with cigarettes in his jacket. But it's not his. Whose is it?
  10. We all know the dog's name is Tiger, but what's the name of the cat in the first episode?
Only a true fan of 'The Brady Bunch' can get an 8/10 or higher on this quiz

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