Only a true Alfred Hitchcock fan can score 8/10 on this quiz

Match the Alfred Hitchcock Presents guest star to their hit Hitchcock movie!

Alfred Hitchcock Presents gave Hitchcock movie fans another window into the iconic filmmaker. It also gave viewers another chance to see Hitchcock direct some of the brightest talents from his hit movies.

If you're a Hitchcock fan, you'll definitely recognize these famous faces that appeared in movies like The Birds, Psycho, Rear Window and more. 

But if you're shaky on your Hitchcock history, you may struggle to put them back in the context of their hit movie, seeing them in the scenes from TV. 

Only a true fan of Hitch's can score 8/10. Good luck!
  1. Here we see Martin Balsam in "The Equalizer," where he ends up in a stand-off against Leif Erickson's character. In which Hitchcock film did he memorably play the detective?
  2. Here's a young Suzanne Pleshette in "Hitch Hike," where she plays the niece of a man who picks up a hitchhiker. In which Hitchcock movie did she memorably play a schoolteacher?
  3. John Williams appeared in the first season episode "The Long Shot," a man who arrives from London and drives from New York to San Francisco. He was in two major Hitchcock movies. Which pair is correct?
  4. Hitchcock cast his daughter Patricia Hitchcock in his TV show AND movies. Which hit movie did she feature in?
  5. Peter Lorre is extra creepy in "The Diplomatic Corpse," but it's likely you remember him best from which early Hitchcock film?
  6. In "Toby" Jessica Tandy is positively haunting as Edwina Freel, but can you remember which Hitchcock movie she helped make famous?
  7. Here we see Thelma Ritter as Lottie Slocum, playing "The Baby Sitter" with ulterior motives. The actress memorably played a different kind of caretaker in which Hitchcock movie?
  8. Wendell Corey has to help his friend who wakes up with a deadly snake in his bed in the intense episode called "Poison." The actor memorably played the detective in which Hitchcock movie?
  9. Jessie Royce Landis plays a mom in "Mother, May I Go Out to Swim?" but you likely remember her better as half of a mother/daughter duo in which Hitchcock movie?
  10. John McIntire was the driver who actually picked up the hitchhiker in "Hitch Hike," but he's a law-abiding sheriff in which Hitchcock movie?

Only a true Alfred Hitchcock fan can score 8/10 on this quiz

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