Did these classic TV shows ever switch networks?

You could say it's the most dramatic way to change channels.

As modern viewers experience a rare moment today when their favorite shows are switching networks, folks who've been watching TV for decades have long since been there and done that.

It was much more common in the '60s, '70s and even the '80s for TV shows to swap networks.

Think you can guess or remember which classic shows did the channel changing for you in the past? 

Take this quiz and see if you can figure out which shows you saw make a big move to another network while it was still in primetime. Good luck!
  1. When The New Adventures of Wonder Woman debuted, was the name change from Wonder Woman due to switching networks?
  2. Columbo was off the air from 1978 to 1989. When it returned, was it a network switch?
  3. When Gilligan's Island returned for its second and third seasons, it changed to color. Was the color switch due to switching networks?
  4. For its final season, Diff'rent Strokes moved from airing on Saturdays to Fridays. Was the time switch due to a network switch?
  5. Taxi was cancelled in 1982, but returned for one more season. Did it air on the same network or did the show switch?
  6. It seemed like Leave It to Beaver never stayed in the same time slot through all six seasons, but did it ever jump to a different network?
  7. During Happy Days' third season, they switched from a single-camera setup to a three-camera production. Was that style change due to a network switch?
  8. Producing Perry Mason was practically like making a movie every single episode. Did keeping up that quality ever lead to a network switch?
  9. Wagon Train notably once switched to color, then back to black-and-white, then back to color. Was any of that chaos due to a network switch?
  10. After its second season, Star Trek was cancelled, but its fans did not accept that and marched, wrote letters and protested until it returned for a third season. Did it return on the same network or a different network?
  11. The last season of M*A*S*H was slightly shorter than other seasons. Was that due to a network shift?
  12. My Three Sons went from black-and-white to color nearly halfway through the series run. Did it change because it swapped networks?

Did these classic TV shows ever switch networks?

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