Only a Bugs Bunny expert can ace this true or false quiz about the wascally wabbit

Do you know where his name came from or why he eats carrots?

Bugs Bunny is one of the most famous characters, cartoon or not, in the entire world. He is an animated favorite across generations and continues to be an iconic part of American culture.

Everyone knows Bugs Bunny and most people know his famous catchphrases and mannerisms. But when put to the test, can you separate fact from fiction when it comes to the wascally wabbit?

Test your Bugs Bunny knowledge below with this true or false quiz!

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  1. In the original theatrical shorts, Bugs never eats anything other than carrots.
  2. Bugs appears in over 150 original theatrical cartoons.
  3. Bugs Bunny debuted before Daffy Duck.
  4. Bugs has a New Jersey accent.
  5. Bugs Bunny has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  6. Bugs likes carrots because they are an important part of a wild rabbit's natural diet.
  7. Bugs appeared in a live-action movie in the 1940s.
  8. In the original theatrical shorts, Bugs never loses to Elmer Fudd.
  9. The voice of Bugs Bunny, Mel Blanc, was allergic to carrots.
  10. Bugs is an honorary Marine.
  11. Bugs Bunny was named after gangster Bugsy Seigel.
  12. Bugs Bunny had his own Atari video game in the 1980s.

Only a Bugs Bunny expert can ace this true or false quiz about the wascally wabbit

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DanDo77 9 days ago
I heard that real rabbits don't really eat carrots. They eat softer veggies.
DanDo77 9 days ago
7/12. I watched Bugs plenty of times, but I don't know much trivia about Bugs.
Herbert 10 days ago
I need to watch bugs a little more what's up doc.
madmark1 29 days ago
Fun quiz but I thought the question about his accent was a bit tricky because a New Jersey accent is almost identical it’s like comparing a Alabama accent to a Georgia accent.
musiclady1170 30 days ago
I believe they are referring to Clark Gable in "It Happened One Night". He and Claudette Colbert are eating carrots pulled from the ground. Gable is talking & eating them noisily at the same time.
LH musiclady1170 16 days ago
That was a GREAT MOVIE!!
MikefromJersey 1 month ago

8 for 12.
As for "Bugs' accent was hoid in Brooklyn, not Joirsey!"
Yes he had a Brooklyn accent, but repeatedly over many years/cartoons it was
indicated his home was in Perth Amboy.
Bugs's attitudes and comportment are pure Jersey, like many others he fled NY for
a nicer address.
I figure one of the producers or long time writers must have hailed from
Perth Amboy so he did Bugs a solid and made him a Jersey boy, er, bunny.
A few years ago one of the new writers for The Simpsons had Homer for
no reason mention Cranford, NJ. other than the writer grew up there.
Yes I agree. I grew up near Perth Amboy and always considered Bugs one of me own!
Since Elmer was constantly around to hunt Bugs, the Fudds may hail from your
area too. Elmer probably sails his yacht on the Raritan.
I hail from Westfield, we have the Addams Family. I saw Charles when I was
a kid, he visited one of our teachers outside Grant School at recess.
IdaKnow56 1 month ago
I got 8 out of 12. And I thought I knew that wascally wabbit so well!
Jeffrey 1 month ago
''You got 11 out of 12'' --------Now that's a score worth gawking at! Great job! I only got #9 wrong.
Crisf 1 month ago
I didn’t know any of these! Crazy!
Moody 1 month ago
9/12. I didn't know Bugs lost to Elmer. Wow!
MikefromJersey Moody 1 month ago
Recall the Opera cartoon, Elmer singing "kill the wabbit" ?
At the end Elmer has slain Bugs and is carrying his body.
"What did you expect from an opera, a happy ending?" I know how Ronnie Mund gets happy endings but i can't say it here....LOL!
Coldnorth Moody 1 month ago
Hi Joe Cool
I couldn't place the name and then I recalled Mund is Howard Stern's driver/bodyguard.
Odd choice as my buddy's sister was in an elevator with him and Stern and she said
Mund was maybe 5' 6" and scrawny and older than her grandfather.
Usually stars want big beefy guys as guards to dissuade people from causing trouble
to begin with, and not old enough for social security.
Yep, he's short, old AND horny! Do you get my drift on "happy ending"...LOL! Sad news: Howard revealed this morning that his father died at the age of 99!
geatornez82 Moody 27 days ago
Go look up the cartoon "Rabbit Rampage."
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