Can you complete the titles of these TV shows from 1961?

Fill in the blank with the correct number!

Try not to draw a blank — fill them instead!

We gathered 11 television shows from the year 1961. There is just one thing missing from each: a number!

See if you can plug in the correct number. It may start easy, but it takes a TV trivia expert to get all of them!

  1. My _ Sons
  2. Car __, Where Are You?
  3. __ Sunset Strip
  4. Surfside _
  5. Route __
  6. Alcoa Presents: ___ ___ Beyond
  7. There was a country music showcase called: _ Star Jubilee
  8. In the daytime, you could watch the game show: __ Keys
  9. Viewers got nostalgic with: The Roaring __s
  10. Remember this mob crime series: Cain's _____ ?
  11. How about this police series: __th Precinct

Can you complete the titles of these TV shows from 1961?

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Dajj 6 months ago
7/11 Shows I never heard of or have seen!!
Coldnorth Dajj 3 months ago
I have same score as you. Never heard of some of them either
Flash4001 6 months ago
Not bad for 3 years before I was born
trogg888 7 months ago
i was 8 when these shows came out so missed a lot
TSeym22 7 months ago
7/11 Never heard of a lot of them. Had a couple lucky guesses.
MrBill 7 months ago
9/11; not too bad of a score considering I only knew the first 6 and had to guess on the rest.
HopeDuchaine 7 months ago
8/11. My 2nd time around. The quiz jumps when I tap on an answer. Good excuse huh?
Adanor 7 months ago
9/11 - There were a couple where I did some creative guessing and got them right!
So why not mention "Queen for a Day?" Anyone remember that one? And then there was "Romper Room." Anyone remember that one? And the original "What's My Line?"
trogg888 Adanor 7 months ago
the quiz had to do with numbers doofus
7 months ago
7 out of 11. In all fairness, there were some shows I've never seen, never heard of, & I grew up in the 50s.
gockionni 7 months ago
7/11 - shoot, I was only four years old in ‘61!
TheDavBow3 7 months ago
Missed 10 and 11. Total guess on the game show but got it right
JanFresh 7 months ago
8/11 and I didn't even know what any of them were lol
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