Only a '70s kid can score 10/12 on this quiz

Cereal, soda, cartoons and more that only a '70s kid truly understands.

The 1970s were a great time to be a kid. Electronic toys were being finessed and just hitting the market. Saturday mornings brought you as many live-action shows as cartoons. And don't get us started on all the '70s breakfast cereals we miss.

If you grew up in the '70s, you remember how much imagination went into each and every product marketed for kids back then. Here, we've compiled the best of the best '70s flashbacks to put your memory to the test. 

Only an ultimate '70s kid can score 10/12 or better. Good luck!
  1. You may have poured a bowl of this fruity cereal on Saturday mornings in the 1970s:
  2. In the 1970s, hit shows made for great cartoons. Do you remember the name of this 'Happy Days' cartoon?
     Image: YouTube
  3. Every kid in 1976 wanted this unique trike:
     Image: Wishbook Web
  4. Which sports game did this electronic Mattel toy simulate?
     Image: Wishbook Web
  5. This flavorful brand of peanut spread was a favorite we miss from the 1970s:
  6. In math class, you might've turned to this friendly '70s calculator to whisper the answers:
  7. The ‘70s were a great time for wild live-action kids shows. Remember what this sea monster was called?
  8. Kids who ordered the very first iteration of the McDonald’s Happy Meal in 1979 received this toy. What was it called?
     Image: Complex
  9. This haunted house was a coveted toy of the 1970s. Do you remember what the figurines that lurked its halls were called?
     Image Source: Tracey's Toys
  10. Can you name this defunct citrus soda you might’ve downed cans of in the ‘70s?
     Image: Duke
  11. You may have formed a tight circle of friends to smack the slam-o-matic feature on this 1970s toy:
  12. This frosted cereal also didn’t outlast the ‘70s. What was it called?

Only a '70s kid can score 10/12 on this quiz

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DerekBird 30 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
Dy-no-mite! You're the ultimate '70s kid.

Never heard of Rondo and I Hate McCrappy's.
John111911Smith 39 months ago
Missed two. Didn't know Koogle (We ate Jif) and Weebles (Mostly girls played with those).
Igaveyoumyfakename 41 months ago
11 of 12. Never heard of the drink, Rondo.
idkwut2use 41 months ago
Guess you’re right. I only got 9/12. x-p But I WAS only born in ‘87 (and loved my 90s edition of Hands Down.)
Nightshade1972 41 months ago
I was born in 1972, but I only got half the questions right. Oh well.
DerekBird Nightshade1972 30 months ago
Are you saying that you were born too late?
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