Name that Village People song!

Are you a macho man?

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Love or hate disco, there's room in all of our hearts for the Village People. In this quiz, we're testing your musical knowledge. We'll give you a lyric, and you have to tell us what Village People song it came from!

  1. "One hot date would be such a treat."
  2. "Young man, are you listening to me? I said, young man, what do you want to be?"
  3. "The truth is, pills are not cool. I'd just be playing the fool."
  4. "People have the right to truly be your friend."
  5. "Jogging in the mornings, go man go. Work outs in the health spa, muscles glow."
  6. "If you like adventure, don't you wait to enter the recruiting office fast!"
  7. "Take the cold from snow, tell the trees, don't grow. Tell the wind don't blow, because it's easier."
  8. "Sun in winter time. We will do just fine."
  9. "Now you're set, so follow the rules. Don't need a house unless it comes with the pool."
  10. "Who has been the center, world's greatest attraction since the beginning of time?"

Name that Village People song!

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Arbie 7 days ago
8/10 is much better than I expected to do.
KawiVulc 7 days ago
8/10 but only actually knew 3 from the roller rink in the day.
gb9535 7 days ago
Name that Village People song!

You got 10 out of 10

You're one macho man!
dazeofwine 8 days ago
6/10. Only thought they had three hits.
Ready2go 8 days ago
10/10. Surpirsed, only know their hit songs.
Sweendog 8 days ago
8/10 - fat fingered one but still missed one. Loved dancing back then 😆
Ratt1959 8 days ago
6/10 guessed a lot. I had a couple of their albums back in the day, but other than "Macho Man" and "In The Navy", I can't remember many of their songs.
AllisonWunderland 9 days ago
7/10…Seems to be the number for me today (7) 🤭
sjbang88 9 days ago
6/10 only heard 2 VP songs ever
cperrynaples 10 days ago
7/10! And let's face the facts: 4 is a song from La Cage Au Folles [SP?] and 10 was clearly sarcastic! And if you don't get my drift, check out the way T---p moves his arms when they play YMCA! Bill Maher gets it, but I can't say HOW on this board...LOL! And yes, they STILL won't let me say the T word...LOL again!
WordsmithWorks 10 days ago
10/10 Lots of guesses. Other that YMCA, In The Navy, and Macho Man, I'm not really familiar with their discography.
harlow1313 10 days ago
9/10 due to reasoning. They are not my cup of meat.
cperrynaples harlow1313 10 days ago
Well, they are definitely an Oktoberfest if you get my drift...LOL!
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 5 days ago
" They are not my cup of meat."

Thought they were rather gimmicky myself. Kind of a fad. Oh well there's beauty in choice.
KellyO 10 days ago
10/10. Never stayed at the YMCA, not a Macho Man, but I was in the Navy!
Coldnorth KellyO 10 days ago
Thank you for your service
gockionni KellyO 10 days ago
Yes indeed, thank you for your service!
I signed up for the Navy and went through all but swearing in back in 1975 but the Vietnam war was over and there wasn’t a rush to recruit. I waited for over a year to hear back from the recruiter as I wanted to enlist as a photojournalist but the “wait list” was a really long one and I finally decided to have them pull my file. Have had many regrets since, one was that it would have rounded out my military family with a member in each branch had I followed through.
cperrynaples gockionni 10 days ago
Full disclosure: My father was a CPO, but i don't think he would approve of that song!
gockionni cperrynaples 9 days ago
I totally get it!
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