Only a true Barry Fanilow can get 100% on this lyrics quiz

Apparently, there's more to it than just Copacabana.

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Love him or hate him, Bary Manilow is undoubtedly a talked-about musician. In this quiz, we're seeing if you can finish the lyrics to some of his more iconic songs (original or covers) that you either love to sing or would hate to have stuck in your head!

  1. "Sweet Melissa, angel of my lifetime. Answer to all answers I can find."
  2. "I swear I think of you and how I wish you knew."
  3. "Love's so strange, playing hide and seek with hearts and always hurting."
  4. "When I look out through your eyes, I'm young again, even though I'm very old."
  5. "I'm standing on the edge of time. I've walked away when love was mine."
  6. "I feel sad when you're sad I feel glad when you're glad."
  7. "When will this strong yearning end?"
  8. "Across the crowded floor. They worked from eight 'til four. They were young and they had each other. Who could ask for more?"
  9. "When friends are hard to find and life seems so unkind, sometimes you feel afraid."
  10. "Watching the girls, my heart in my hands. What a misplaced, pitiful sight!"

Only a true Barry Fanilow can get 100% on this lyrics quiz

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mda 3 days ago
9/10. When I hear "Ready to take a chance again" I always think of Foul Play. Funny movie.
Sweetles 3 days ago
10/10! My husband makes fun of me for how much I love Barry Manilow's music. Well guess what Sweetie, I aced the quiz! 🎉
Amalthea 4 days ago
9/10; missed the last one. I pretty much hummed each one as I read the lyrics. A few years ago, when both of my daughters were in middle school, Mr. Manilow donated an electric piano to their school. Since it happened on April 1, my daughters thought it was an elaborate prank & needed confirmation (they knew I was a fan & were both in the music department).
KawiVulc 4 days ago
9/10... couple guesses & having been alive and listening to radio in the 70's.
frenchman71 4 days ago
My favorite Manilow songs: "Tryin' to Get the Feeling Again. Ships, Weekend in New England, This One's for You & All the Time".
marmetv20 4 days ago
9/10 can't believe I missed #1 could it be magic?!
marmetv20 marmetv20 4 days ago
Note: My daughter loves the movie Foul Play and her cat loved when Barry Manilow came on during the credits. He would stand listen intently. She bought the cd for him.
Amalthea marmetv20 4 days ago
Not so strange. I was watching "The Main Event" & when the Streisand song came on during the end credits my cat started pawing at me & meowing until I sang along. He sat quietly while I sang the song; when it was over, he got up & walked away. Cats know music.
FestusFan2312 6 days ago
9/10. Missed the last one. My wife and I were lucky to see him on his final concert tour. He was 70 and totally amazing. He went over 2 straight hours high energy without a break. Most singers will go backstage for awhile and the band will play. He didn’t. It was a great experience.
frances3agape 6 days ago
8 of 10 - missed the first & last ones. Never heard of the last one
WilliamJorns 6 days ago
9 out of 10 right. That last song, "A Nice Boy Like Me," threw me. I'm not that familiar with that song, because it's one of Barry's lesser-known tunes off one of his earlier albums.
Irish 6 days ago
6/10 Guessed. Not a big fan. Sorry. I'm stuck in the 50's & 60's
19611313 7 days ago
Thought i knew Glen Campbell better.
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