Mayberry Trivia Challenge: Championship level Andy Griffith Show questions

Try to answer actual questions from the annual Mayberry Days World Championship of Trivia.


You think you know The Andy Griffith Show? These are some of the actual questions asked at the Mayberry Days World Championship of Trivia, held every year at Mayberry Days in Mt. Airy, North Carolina.

Well, there is one key difference — contestants there do not have multiple choice!

Let's see how your Mayberry wisdom matches up two-time world Andy Griffith Show trivia champion Mike Haviland, pictured above holding trophies.

"Mayberry Mike" selected these questions for the ultimate fans. Put your knowledge to the test! 

Round One — How well do you know Sheriff Andy?

Round Two — How well do you know Barney Fife?

Round Three — How well do you know Opie Taylor?

Round Four — How well do you know other Mayberry characters?

It's time for the Final Round — Can you answer real questions from the World Championship of TAGS Trivia?

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  1. What is checkout time at the Mayberry Hotel?
  2. Who does Mayor Pike say received the same type of ovation that his daughter Josephine did at the Founder's Day beauty contest?
  3. What was the manufacturer's brand name of Opie's bird Dickie's birdcage?
  4. Who does Andy Taylor say doesn't have lunches like Aunt Bee fixed for Opie and Billy Hollander?
  5. After giving Opie a nickel for milk money, Andy discovers that Aunt Bee and Barney have also given Opie nickels, which is a mystery. Barney investigates this mystery by spying on Opie through a hole in a newspaper he is pretending to be reading. What is the name of the newspaper?
  6. What did Earnest T. Bass pay for his gold tooth?
  7. While Andy's Uncle Ollie is visiting, Andy learns that three prisoners escape from the state prison in Meehawken, South Carolina. They were members of what notorious gang?
  8. When Otis is found to be a direct descendant of Revolutionary War hero Nathan Tibbs, Barney thought he was the descendant and searched the Tibbs family tree. Who married Otto Tibbs?
  9. What was the tag number (license plate number) of Colonel Harvey's vehicle?
  10. According to the cover of the Camp Winokee brochure, the camp is for boys of what ages?
  11. What does Goober say you could buy with $250,000 that Barney found in an attache case by the railroad tracks?
  12. What is the number on the bus parked behind Andy and Karen Moore during their skeet shooting contest?
  13. From whom did Andy buy his house?
  14. According to Floyd, who stood up Agnes Drumhiller at the altar?
  15. Who asked Barney if he had his lunches made up in a pet shop?
  16. Two big and mean out-of-town farmers, Matt and Neal, are illegally selling produce along the roadside in Mayberry. What do they charge for apples?
  17. The Mayberry town council votes to get rid of the old town cannon and replace it with a plaque, what does Ellie recommend the town do with the cannon?
  18. In what year did the Green River Ordinance occur in the town of Green River?
  19. Name the two moonshiners that the Morrison sisters turned in to Andy and Barney.
  20. How much money did Barney sink in the record business, in "Mayberry on Record"?

Mayberry Trivia Challenge: Championship level Andy Griffith Show questions

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LanceMcCrickard 22 months ago
#5 is the only one that stumped me, but I guessed right.

You got 20 out of 20

You are a true Mayberry trivia master! These questions were tough! Pin another medal on your chest.
country46 31 months ago
got 5 of 12 and I felt lucky to have gotten that
Kenner 41 months ago
Seriously? You practically have to be an actual writer on the show to get these (without cheating).
LanceMcCrickard Kenner 22 months ago
Not for a super fan an expert like me that watches the show every day.
bones 46 months ago
Thought I remembered them all was wrong liked playing though
LarryLeGros 46 months ago
It says I got 7/12. I actually got 7/20. Not too good.
carolt 46 months ago
Got em all! Been watching all my life.
LanceMcCrickard carolt 22 months ago
You said you got 19 out of 20. That’s not all of them.
DavidBarker 47 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
How did you fare? You deserve a medal just for attempting this daunting trivia challenge!
I actually was 10 right, 10 wrong in the 20 questions...pretty tough
MeowMeow1962 47 months ago
4/12..... Decent for somebody who never watched the show. Just never could stomach Barney.
Evan 47 months ago
6/20. Shoulda listened when it said for experts only.
MrBill 47 months ago
MrBill MrBill 46 months ago
I tried this quiz again and got 12/20 but it comes up as 12/12. Me TV needs to fix this glitch.
RoberttheWallace 47 months ago
So far, trivia questions here have been Great--NOT this one. . .this was bogus { obviously some answers were not right }; whoever culled these questions must have had a drinking competition with Otis before creating this debacle!
DoubleNaughtSpy 47 months ago
Thank God the form of torture known as The Month of Mayberry is rapidly coming to a close and "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "My Three Sons" are returning to their regular time slots beginning on Monday morning. And what better way to celebrate than with the airing of the incredibly hilarious "Manhattan Hillbillies" episode featuring guest star Phil Silvers and an uncredited cameo appearance by the one and only Sammy Davis, Jr.!
MrsPhilHarris 47 months ago
This time it says I got 10/12.
Gary 47 months ago
Got 5 outta 12 on 20 questions. ?!
See ya later. I gotta figure out this math
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