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The best thing about being a part of the MeTV community is the colorful personalities we encounter in our shared fandom. The comments section under every piece is filled with wonderful people sharing their memories. It reminds us of a certain Southern locale that we wished was real...

Mayberry is the cozy small town of our dreams. How well do you recall the people that live there? From the mayor to the town drunk, everybody had their special place. Every resident was important. So let's pay tribute and take a look back at the folks who lived in Mayberry. See how many you can remember in this quiz!

We'll give you a name; you tell us who they are!

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  1. Mrs. Pendleton
  2. Charlie O'Malley
  3. Burly Peters
  4. Billy Ray Talbot
  5. Bert Miller
  6. Karen Burgess
  7. Glen Cripe
  8. Erma Bishop
  9. Flip Conroy
  10. Emma Brand-Watson
  11. Ellen Brown
  12. Ella
  13. Nettie Albright
  14. Teena Andrews
  15. Lydia Crosswaith

Mayberry Name Game

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Moverfan 2 months ago
Eleven out of fifteen. And speaking of eleven...manure spreader? Really? What did Miss Ellen ever do to you?
BradBeall 2 months ago
So, has anyone ever found out whatever happened to Lydia Crosswaith?
Beatlespud57 2 months ago
10 out 15. There you have it…
LalaLucy 2 months ago
11/15. Forgotten a few I used to know, but happy I remembered as many as I did.
Ready2go 2 months ago
7/15. Its the jail cell for me!
Rick 2 months ago
Is it even established that Flip Conroy actual works at Opie's school? As I remember the episode, "Mr. Jackson" (who?) just tells a bunch of kids, including, Opie, "this here's Flip Conroy, who used to play in the NFL, and now he's in Mayberry to teach football, so come here every afternoon!" or some equally terrible exposition.
ValpoPJ 2 months ago
I thought this would be easy, but I was wrong! Only got 9/15.
KentuckyPhil69 2 months ago
Surprise surprise surprise 13/15 Andy taught me a lot!
Grumpyfan 2 months ago
Almost, forgot about Jay Walker. .. well shazam then
braycy 2 months ago
"Well gaahahallee, I almost got em all right!"
JMilburn 2 months ago
15/15---Mayberry resident at heart!!!
retro6 2 months ago
9/15. I’ve been getting ‘maybe I should phone a friend’ on these quizzes tonight. I’m going to quit while I’m not ahead.
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