Are these real Bela Lugosi movies, or did we make them up?

Did Bela Lugosi actually meet a Brooklyn gorilla?

Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó, known professionally as Bela Lugosi, was a Hungarian-born actor known for his many roles in horror movies.

Do you remember his many macabre movies? How many shrieks has he supplied over the years? Find out! Take this quiz to see if you're up to date on the Prince of Darkness. If not... beware!

We'll give you a title, you let us know if it's the real deal! Look out! There are more tricks and turns here than a haunted castle. 

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  1. Return of the Ape Man
  2. Night Monster
  3. Wing of the Vampire
  4. Scared to Death
  5. The Ghost of Dracula
  6. Island of Lost Souls
  7. Ghosts on the Loose
  8. The Phantom Coffin
  9. White Zombie
  10. Superbeast
  11. Demonoid Phenomenon
  12. Chandu the Magician
  13. The Whispering Shadow
  14. The Atomic Creature
  15. The Invisible Ray

Are these real Bela Lugosi movies, or did we make them up?

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Tresix 8 days ago
100%! “Scared to Death” is the only color movie Lugosi ever made and used the dead narrator gimmick four years before “Sunset Blvd”.
Vampirecircus1 9 days ago
14 from 15. The Whispering Shadow??? I have seen about 6 of these. The others I knew because I collect movie posters and recall the titles.
Moverfan 9 days ago
12 out of 15..and I've never seen a Bela Lugosi movie in my life (at least I don't think...).
CountessMina 9 days ago
If you're a Lugosi fan, you should watch The Black Camel. It's a Charlie Chan movie set in Hawaii. Full movie currently available on You Tube. I think it was shortly after Dracula. He's still young and in a suit no less. Fantastic.
AgingDisgracefully 9 days ago
Maybe I'm easily amused, but my all-time Lugosi moment is him yelling, "Bateman! Bateman!" at Boris Karloff in The Raven (1935).
J59W 9 days ago
15/15. Lucky guesses on a couple of them.
CaptainDunsel 13 days ago
On #13 I was hit with the Doubt of a Shadow.
texasluva 13 days ago
To win a woman, take her with you to see Dracula.

Bela Lugosi
graceful1970 13 days ago
You got 13 out of 15
Phew! Nice and safe, like
Runeshaper 13 days ago
11/15 Bela = AWESOME!

Phew! Nice and safe, like many of Lugosi's later, more comedic offerings.
daDoctah 13 days ago
Lugosi was one of those actors who managed to star in *two* movies with the same title. He was in both versions of "The Black Cat", 1934's alongside Karloff, and the unrelated 1941 film also starring Basil Rathbone.

Svengoolie has also shown him in "The Night Monster" where he plays the creepy but ultimately non-evil butler.
Dajj 14 days ago
10/15, some I have seen,great actor!
daDoctah 14 days ago
And then there was "You'll Find Out", which featured Bela, Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Kay Kyser and his Orchestra. Lugosi plays a mystic brought in to find out (by holding seances) who's threatening the pretty young heiress that Kyser's band is hired to entertain at her birthday celebration.
Muleskinner 14 days ago
11/15. I vant to drink your blood. 🧛
dodgebob Muleskinner 9 days ago
What happens to a vampire if he bites a person with blood clots, ya think it'll clog a fang or two, I had one and it messed me up.
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