Match these kooky, one-word episode titles to the correct show!

Try saying ''Shgoratchx!'' three times real fast.


When you are a television writer, you can just make up your own words. How else would we have vocabulary like "Shazbot!"

Sometimes, those weird words end up as the name of the episode.

We gathered a baker's dozen of quirky titles. See if you can match them to the correct TV show!

  1. "Fonsillectomy" was a season-five Halloween episode on this sitcom.
  2. "Qpid" was a Robin Hood homage in outer space on this sci-fi series.
  3. "CHP-BMX" was an episode of this cop show.
  4. "Katchoo" was an early episode about allergies on this family favorite.
  5. "Sweatwork" was an episode of this Seventies sitcom.
  6. "Formicida" was a formidable foe on this show.
  7. "Mijacogeo" was the series finale of this cult comedy.
  8. "Dickmalion" following the episode titling formula on this sitcom.
  9. "Bronzefinger" was an episode of which series?
  10. "ZZZZ" generated a lot of buzz for this classic sci-fi series.
  11. "Uniblab" was an episode (and a robot) in this series.
  12. "Zombo" was an episode (and a TV personality) in this series!
  13. "SHGORATCHX!" was a unique title for this show.

Match these kooky, one-word episode titles to the correct show!

Your Result...

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Dario 43 months ago
10 out of 13. 😁😁😁😁😁
MikefromJersey 44 months ago
12 for 13. Naked City and Route 66 had the best episode titles by far in TV history.
The Dick Van Dyke Show imitated them with a elongated episode title when it
did it's entertaining Naked City satire.
KellyShort 44 months ago
You got 12 out of 13
Missed #10
frenchman71 44 months ago
9/13 and just about all were guesses except "ZZZZ". I used to own all the "Outer Limits" episodes.
Lacey 44 months ago
12/13 Not bad but I confess that some of your clues helped. I seldom read the names of the episodes.
Randall 44 months ago
I am a Brady Nut looking for an answer the episode in wich jan has allergies is the last episode in wich we see Tiger, according to Barry Williams book Tiger ran away during the off season and was hit by a car however I saw on this website that five different dogs played Tiger was Eve Plumb allergic to dogs?
Jeffrey 44 months ago
''You got 12 out of 13'' -----------------Shazam! Too bad you can't use these in Scrabble! Got #11 wrong.
JHP 44 months ago
11/13 (I ate my Wheaties today:))
stephaniestavropoulos 44 months ago
Mijacogeo contained not only the first two letters of the names of his parents and three sisters, Micky also directed the episode.
dictracy 44 months ago
On most of them, the pre-fix of the word gave you the answer
lmahabhashyam 44 months ago
I do fine until you get to the sci fi questions then I bomb out hated sci fi as a kid hate it now
hermanstein2015 44 months ago
7/13 but the Munsters question was the only one that mattered lol and I got it right! ;)
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Thank you for standing up for MMTC! It was my favorite show when I was 7! And yes you can see it on YouTube! "She helps me through everything I do and I'm so glad she's here!"
Hi CPerry,
My twin sister and me loved it as well, but even then I couldn't figure out why my
older brothers and father let us get our way and watch it on the family set. Then when
I saw it recently it hit me, "aha! it's the same deal as with I Dream of Jeanie."
Like Barbara Eden, the female lead Maggie Pierce was a bodacious blonde babe.
No wonder they let us watch those shows.
I don't know if Maggie was that hot, but I think we know the 2 reasons they watched Gilligan's Island...LOL! Hint: Mrs. Howell wasn't one of them!
Hi CPerry,
In one of the episodes I saw recently Maggie was dressed in a harem outfit like
Barbara Eden's, in a night club.
This was not chopped liver but a choice cut I assure you.
She did a number of cheesecake roles but she was a good actress.
As for Ginger and Mary Ann, I don't know anyone who prefers Ginger.
Dawn Welles still looks amazing in those MeTV ads.
I wonder if women have that same argument over Gilligan and the Professor or
the skipper and Mr. Howell
jimmyvici 44 months ago
Jeremy jimmyvici 44 months ago
You can curse here. It won't offend me.
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