Are these real All in the Family episodes... or nah?

Which of these All in the Family episodes are all in your head?

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One of the most beautiful things about All in the Family was the way the show took difficult, complicated topics and presented them in very easily understood, digestible ways. Whichever side you agree with, All in the Family was always clear. 

That's true even for the show's episode titles. Instead of getting flowery, or poetic, they were usually pretty clear-cut. "Archie is Cursed," "Archie Feels Left Out," etc.

Do you think you can tell real All in the Family episode titles apart from fake ones? Find out with this handy quiz, and be sure to share your thoughts and your score in the comments section below.

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  1. "Archie and the FBI"
  2. "Mike's Mysterious Son"
  3. "Archie Drives a Limo"
  4. "Lionel the Live-In"
  5. "Gloria Stivic: Wanted Dead or Alive"
  6. "And Baby Makes Three"
  7. "The Insurance Is Canceled"
  8. "Archie the Poet"
  9. "Mike Gets Offended"
  10. "The Disagreement"

Are these real All in the Family episodes... or nah?

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