KISS: The Quiz

I want to rock and roll all night, and answer quiz questions every day!


Well, folks, it's over. 

You wanted the best; you got the best. The hottest band in the world is, was, and forever will be KISS. Long live the face-painted rock behemoths. 

Now that the band has hung up their instruments for good (allegedly), it's time for a big old KISS QUIZ! Whether you're on board for this new digital avatar era or not, let's take a moment to pay tribute to one of the most exciting acts in music history.

Love 'em, hate 'em, you definitely recognize KISS immediately. They're iconic. So see how much of their history you remember. Be sure to share your score and any KISS memories in the comments section below!

  1. KISS evolved out of a band that Gene and Paul were in previously. What was the name of that band?
  2. Who answered a posting in a magazine to become the third member of the band to be named KISS?
  3. KISS signed to Neil Bogart's ________ Records in 1973.
  4. What is the first comic book series that KISS appeared in?
  5. Who was the first member of the classic lineup to leave the band?
  6. Who's solo album charted the highest in 1978?
  7. What was the first KISS movie?
  8. Which of these albums came first?
  9. Which of these replacement members was with the band until they retired?
  10. What is the name of KISS's first live album?
  11. What was Gene Simmons' onstage persona?
  12. What was Paul Stanley's onstage persona?
  13. What was Peter Criss' onstage persona?
  14. What was Ace Frehley's onstage persona?
  15. What was Eric Carr's onstage persona?
  16. What was Vinnie Vincent's onstage persona?

KISS: The Quiz

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SheriHeffner 5 months ago
BTW I LOVE the movie Detroit Rock City. The funniest part was the boy that tried to dance to I Wanna Put On My My My Boogie Shoes. And the Pitcher.
SheriHeffner 5 months ago
6 out of 16..The only album I.ever had was the one with Detroit Rock City God Of Thunder, I'm The King Of The Midnight World; Beth. A girl stole it and took it home and never gave it back.This was when I was in Eighth Grade. What was the name of the album? I was a shy and innocent kid; KISS came to Charlotte in 1976 and I wanted to go. Thank God my parents wouldn't let me. That would have probably scared me half to death. I think they are/were the loudest band.
DeniseMarie 5 months ago
8/16 I dressed up as Peter Criss for a cpl Halloweens and was totally bummed when Peter Criss left. He was the cutest lol 😍
CrumblyCrunchies 5 months ago
Never listened to Kiss. Never liked Kiss. Just a gimmick band with no influence on the musical world other than how to use makeup to be recognized.
Officially joined kiss army in 82 lol. Anyway with all respect your talking out your rear. In the 80s the makeup was off so the gimmick was gone and yet they survived. Besides you don't stick around over 50 yrs due to only a gimmick
musicman37 5 months ago
So was I but I missed then magazine ad and comic book questions. 14/16
djw1120 musicman37 5 months ago
And don't forget, when they produced the comic book, they actually put Kiss's blood mixed in with the red ink. That alone made it a collector's item. I wish I had bought it back then.
musicman37 djw1120 4 months ago
I have a copy packed away somewhere.
WGH 5 months ago

Come on. I was a teenager when those guys were at their height.
csonka71 5 months ago
12/16. Smh. I want those 4 back. I must be better. Lol
JHP 5 months ago
really did bad 6/16 (obviously the quiz was made by a super die-hard of the group) - but really do appreciate their music and talent

it just goes to show how wonderful in those days how the music world was seeded with a mind-boggling group of bands - listen to one of their tunes and switch the radio station to another station maybe airing a Gordon Lightfoot or a Chicago tune
djw1120 JHP 5 months ago
I wish you would make up your mind. I happen to love Kiss - practically all of their songs. I also happen to love Gordon Lightfoot particularly (The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald) and Chicago (my absolute favorite here is "25 or 6 to 4).
xflfan1 6 months ago
15-16 but the question witch member answered an add is bull ..I suppose you had to be specific in witch publication but they both answered ads ..kinda bs
Raad816 6 months ago
Stopped listening after the 70s. By the time they took off the makeup off, (how else could they sell crappy music?) The novelty of the band died too. Makeup band (characters) turned glam rock (hairspray and just mascara and lipstick.)
cheetopuff 6 months ago
6/16 😬! I don’t know a lot about KISS but I do know Scooby Doo!
Garland 6 months ago
I got 8 out of 16 although I am a KISS fan I am not that familiar with everything about the band.
raddad 6 months ago
Got 3 right and don’t really care
grandpa5741 6 months ago
I didn’t very well, no KISS 💋 for me.
jimmyvici 6 months ago
9/16…Dressed to Kill is still my favorite album cover of all time. I even found the 6” toy of Gene Simmons in that iconic album cover. Part of my collection forever
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