Can you name all these guest stars on Wanted Dead or Alive?

Many famous actors from film and TV appeared in the series.

The classic western Wanted Dead or Alive debuted in 1958. Over the course of three seasons, it showcased the many adventures of Steve McQueen's bounty hunter, Josh Randall.

Although McQueen was the only actor to appear in all 94 episodes, many famous faces showed up at least once on the series. Some were well into their careers while others had not yet become household names.

See if you can recognize these famous faces on Wanted Dead or Alive.

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  1. This actor later played which Star Trek character?
  2. Can you tell who is wearing this eyepatch?
  3. Who is this?
  4. This actor also starred in which other western?
  5. What other western did this actor star in?
  6. Who is this prolific TV and film actress?
  7. This actor is famous for which Universal horror movie?
  8. Can you name this western film and TV character actor?
  9. Who did she play on The Waltons?
  10. This actor also played which recurring character on The Andy Griffith Show?
  11. What other show is this actor famous for?

Can you name all these guest stars on Wanted Dead or Alive?

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GTStang08 4 days ago
11/11...If you've watched most of the well known TV westerns, you'll place many, if not all, of these TV/film character actors.
Kaydee 5 months ago
11/11 I watched a lot of family shows growing up including the Waltons I'm very familiar with the Baldwin sisters on the show.
EllisClevenger 23 months ago
You got 10 out of 11
Was that quiz a breeze or harder than you thought?
I knew the right answer, and. clicked. the. wrong. one. Wow.
Missed #9
Terrence 24 months ago
Big guess on Question #9
emTV279 24 months ago
You got 10 out of 11! Missed the Walton character.
Cowgirl 24 months ago
I guessed on a lot of them & didn't recognize the Skipper.
Pdls 26 months ago
10/11. I haven't watched The Andy Griffith show since it originally aired.
jollyrancher 26 months ago
Easy peasy 11/11 being a boomer grew up with all these stars & tv was my babysitter!
jschliclbernd9 32 months ago
10 of 11 I didn't watch the Walton's.
MikefromJersey 33 months ago
11 for 11. I have a better quiz.
What Oscar winning superstar appeared on Wagon Train incognito? In the credits he was listed by a variation of his real name. It's strange MeTV never caught on(hardly anyone else has either).
Otherwise they would have promoted the heck out of this episode.
If you want the answer do a search - "Magnum Mania: It Got By the Censors" - and the answer
is there along with other in jokes and trivia. It's really neat.
trogg888 33 months ago
if your a tv and film buff pretty easy
dschurba 33 months ago
11 out of 11!
Not very difficult!
marmetv20 33 months ago
11/11! Finally did well on one tonite!
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